At this food centre, some time you really need some effort in order to try some of the hidden and secret stalls here.

Take for example this stall called the Chinatown Cooked Food, you may find this stall often closed on the day. That’s because they only opened for a few hours early in the morning everyday.

Started as early as 6:30am in the wee hour of morning, serving laksa and fried beehoon; with add-on available with their yong tau foo pieces.

Came on early morning around 7:30am and there’s a short queue about 5 person in front.

So you really need some effort to wake up early in order to try their laksa or fried beehoon with yong tau foo. The reason I say so many a because they usually sold out by 9am.

I actually came a few times past 9am and unfortunately they usually sold out by then.

A very tasty bowl of laksa they have here, creamy and not too spicy. Topped with your choice of yong tau foo such as fish cake and fried beancurd.

You probably won’t find any much articles about this place on internet, not even on Google Maps. So if you wake up enough to be here by 8am, then you should try this stall for breakfast.