Newly opened just next to Foxhole Café, My Cottage Cafe specializes in waffles and ice cream that's churned out from their very own factory. You have a choice of three waffles: the normal buttermilk, the charcoal (pictured here), and the red velvet (which they didn't have when I went). As for their ice creams, the selection is a little more exotic than usual, with flavors ranging from Thai Milk Tea, to double dark chocolate, and bubblegum.

I chose the earl grey with walnuts and chocolate rocky road to go with the charcoal waffle, and I was rather pleased with my choices. The earl grey is pleasantly pungent with the strong aroma of the eponymous tea and delightfully creamy while being adequately sweet. However, possibly due to my predilection for all things chocolate, I fell head over tastebuds in love with the chocolate rocky road. It was exquisitely thick, creamy and splendidly bittersweet. Also, I may or may not have made noises akin to a ravenous horse at a feeding trough when I dug into the waffle after spreading that luscious frozen confection all over and stuffing it into every hole in the grid.

As for the waffle itself, it was decent but otherwise unremarkable. Crispy on the edges, soft, fluffy and airy on the inside, this makes for a perfect dessert after a meal at the nearby 805 coffee shop. And at $12 for a waffle and two scoops of ice cream, it's perfect for sharing. Or to gorge yourself on. I ain't judging.

They bring in new flavors every now and then so always do check out! They may bring in your personal favourite ;)