Cod was created to be the perfect fish for fish & chips, so I was glad to find out that utilises that flaky fish. The Cod & Chips ($24++) is a gargantuan meal, built from three colossal cod fillets battered & deep fried, along with a whole heaping helping of shoestring fries. In all honesty, it’s more cod & fries than cod & chips as the fries are a far cry from proper thick cut chips, but I’m just being pedantic at this point.⠀

Chips or no, the battered cod was absolutely stunning. Look at the subtle off white shade of the fresh cod. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my god, it even has crumbly bits. Yes indeed, the cod has everything needed to make you sweat profusely with pleasure. The firm, flaky fresh fillets of cod were the polar opposite of the deafeningly crunchy batter that encased it. Speaking of the batter, it’s truly beautiful. Crunchy and impossibly airy, it adhered to the cod rather well and made this dish oh so memorable.⠀

However, the brilliant batter was its own downfall. All that crunch came at a price, and that price was the absorption of a copious amount of oil. Truth be told, the first and second giant fillets were down easily & eagerly. It wasn’t until I cut into the third that the greasiness hit me like a truck, and my heart & arteries started begging for mercy. At that point, I was desperate for something bland, or something sour & zesty to cut through the grease, but all I had were fries that exacerbated the problem.⠀

With that said, I still firmly believe that this cracking cod & chips is downright decadent. Just don’t conquer it solo, share the love around instead.

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