Scrambled Eggs

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Fluffy scrambled eggs on a crusty sourdough ... a satisfying breakfast.

Eggs were moist, bread was warm and mushroom was juicy

Chilli flakes on the eggs added flavour to it

Price inclusive of GST: $15

The scrambled eggs here were delightfully creamy and piping hot, and the portobello was huge. We added on a homemade sausage and it was pretty good too! The only part that disappointed was the bread - it tasted rather dry and powdery. Maybe a soft fluffy brioche or a nicely toasted sourdough would be better?

We had the breakfast burger which was really good - oozy, creamy scrambled eggs, grilled buns, bacon - all essential breakfast ingredients that went together really well. I had the avo on toast which was tasty but ordinary. The toast and avocado slices tasted a little plain and could use some more flavour. Smashed avo could be a better alternative!

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Dropped in with our niece for a bite on Saturday afternoon. It was full when arrived, so we had to wait for a few minutes for a table.
As per our S.O.P. (standard operating procedure), we ordered an assortment of items to share. One of these was the housemade potato hash ($7). Smothered in finely-grated cheese, it was extremely addictive - think rostï but in rectangular blocks and very, very crunchy. Portion is large as well so there’s plenty to go around if you are a group of 3 or 4.
Both of the burgers we chose came between medium-soft house-baked brioche buns and a side of potato chips. I preferred the scrambled eggs and bacon over the double cheese burger personally, but if you like your beef patties with a bit of a bite, theirs will suit you fine.
Xavier the owner kindly gave us a slice of their soon-to-be-launched cheesecake to taste. We loved it! It’s very rich, creamy and smooth, so it’s ideally enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Fortunately, Brawn & Brains’ coffee is one of Singapore’s best in my opinion. Their “Pen & Pencil” blend in cappuccino form is my go-to but I think a long black would be an even better complement for this cheesecake.

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Brawn & Brains’ signature fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon rashers and red cheddar sandwiched between handmade brioche buns is the power breakfast of champions, although I found myself wishing for the bread to be less dense and the eggs to be more well-seasoned.

Taste: 3.5/5


Currently dreaming of this scrambled egg, bacon and cheese burger from @brawn_and_brains. The bread was soft with a large scrambled eggs serving, going very well with the bacon and cheese! Served with chips which complemented the burger in flavour, this was a very satisfying meal and I can’t wait to have this again!

I expected this to be light but this was literally quite heavy! The scrambled egg portion was huge! This was good though, I love how the scramble eggs had a creamy flavour and went well with the cheese. The bacon was a bit too salty but still quite ok.

This originally comes with poached eggs but so glad they let me switch because the scrambled eggs were so creamy and yummy! Swipe to see the yummy scrambled eggs 😍 The potato hash was crispy indeed but a bit soggy at the bottom so I liked the top few layers of it and the chorizo sausage was flavourful too. Even the salad was good with roasted sesame seeds on top giving the salad a unique fragrance and flavour 😋


Come to this minimalistic, white-walled space along East Coast Road for a late afternoon coffee run, and stay for dinner after. For a hearty meal, have the slightly spicy tomato-based Cheese Crusted Beef Burger Spaghetti with a Slow Cooked Egg ($18.90). The Scrambled Eggs On Toast With Portobello Mushroom ($15) would be a lighter option that satisfies.
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua