Earl Grey Pancakes

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The last time I had this, it was so yummy - fluffy fragrant earl grey pancakes, at a price point of $16. Fast forward to now: a price increase, and a dip in quality. There was barely any earl grey flavours coming through at all. Pancakes weren’t as fluffy and usually I don’t like too much sauce bc it gets too sweet, but for this it needed more sauce. The poached pear was decent, nicest thing on the plate was the crunchy crumble. So sad because it used to be something I looked forward to and enjoyed, but this experience unfortunately propagates the stereotype that *most* cafes serve overpriced cafe food.


Not part of a burpple deal but a friend brought me here and this is still something worth mentioning 🤩

Pear was tender, pancakes were fluffy and it really lives up to its name, EARL GREY pancakes. It kinda reminded me of earl grey milk tea :p pancakes weren’t overly sweet despite how it looks. It’s not too filling for brekkie or brunch!

We also tried the cheese toast which came with tomato soup. The tangy soup acted as a great dip for the salty cheese toast! It helped to reduce the “dryness” of toasts and cuts through the cheesy taste. Making the dish really addictive (we gobbled this down so quickly)
The cafe served really great chai latte too hehe. Great spot for brunch!

Rating: 8.5/10


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Lacking earl grey flavor but other than that quite good

Fourth (or fifth) time at Punch but my first time trying their earl grey pancakes I’ve heard so much about! It was pretty impressive, and the serving portion was huge, with a stack of three fluffy, freshly made pancakes. The batter was soft and slightly fluffy, though it bordered on the sticky side. The earl grey taste could be a little stronger as well, but then again I’m a huge earl grey and tea lover so I may be too much of a critic. Overall I really enjoyed this sweet brunch option and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty dose of brunch pancakes.

Enjoyed these pancakes which had good texture and the fragrance of the earl grey in the batter made it even nicer! The poached pear and crumble were nice additions too :)

“Welcome to Singapore, Day 10(19)” ・ 📌PUNCH ・ 1人シンガポールに残っていた友達ですが、 カトンを散策した翌日からカンボジアに出掛けていて、6日間ぶりにシンガポールに帰ってきてました。 8/2に遊びに来てくれてから19日目(笑) お昼に食べたいお店が11時からだったので、それまで近くにカフェがないか探してたら、ずっと気になってたカフェが徒歩圏内に。 Earl Grey Pancakes $16 Latte $5 パンケーキは友達と今まで食べてきた中で一番しょっぱいね、という感想で一致。 甘じょっぱいが「甘み〈 塩っ気」の上級編。 そんな中でもアールグレイの香りが鼻をスーっと通って、クランブルの食感と甘味がいいアクセントに。 緑もあって、落ち着いた店内はとても居心地のいい空間でした。 フード系も美味しそうだったのでまた行きたい。 #punch @punch.gram #パンケーキ #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールカフェ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #🇸🇬 #singaporeinsta #singaporeinsiders #igsg #singaporecafe #sgcafe#sweettooth #sgcafehopping #eatoutsg #foodpics #burpple #みどツアー #みど朝活隊

Finally tried this cafe after walking past it on my way to Box Office many times! The earl grey pancakes ($16) were good, fragrant in flavour and fluffy in texture. The cookie crumbs and poached pear added an extra crunch to it too. There were hits and misses but this cafe is still a nice place to visit and I really liked the earl grey pancakes 😋

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However, there was nothing special about them besides from the beautiful plating. The earl grey fragrance was lacking and I wished that the pancakes were thicker and fluffier. Wasn't really a fan of the poached pear too.

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