Miso Mushroom Noodles

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A gem in CBD area that serves affordable lunch sets and cute gyozas 🥰
Eat simi: Miso mushroom noodles, original gyoza, fried pierogi, grapefruit thyme green tea (lunch set)
Eat which store: Dumpling Darlings
Eat how much: $18.85 (inclusive of gst)
Eat where: 44 Amoy st s(069870)
Eat nice not: 4.5/5
The staff were very friendly and quickly serve us their complimentary appetizer, cold bean sprout, which I felt was not bad, with some umami flavors.
We ordered their miso mushroom noodles and we must say they are atas version of bar chor mee, just a twist with an addition of Japanese flavors like the hanjuku eggs and seaweed flakes. The servings were rather generous, a lot of mushroom slices, and your typical garnishes. The egg noodles were chewy and springy, firm to bite i wld say and with the fried shallots, they added some crunch and flavor to every bite.

I would say the gyoza would the main character. Especially the fried pierogi, I was quite surprise as the fried pierogi was really an interesting dish, stuffed w truffle potatoes, cheese and bacon, the strong truffle flavor just release inside your mouth when you take the first bite! 👍🏼 It wasn’t too jelak as well even though there are potatoes inside and the skin to filling ratio is good 😊! Would go back for their fried pierogi!! Otherwise, the original one is also a decent one, fillings weren’t too dry, they still retain that juice in the gyoza. (was salivating while typing this so yall know how good this is 😊)
If I have to picky a little, I would say their egg noodle flavor wasn’t quite well executed, there wasn’t much taste to the noodle but the sauce and garnishes saved the day.
Good ambience, super affordable lunch set and friendly staff. This has definitely won my heart over considering they are located in the CBD area.

I ABSOLUTELY love dumplings (ate a lot of bibigo ones during cb), so I really loved this place!

I came here with four friends and we ordered a total of 3 set lunches ($16 each) and a few ala carte dumplings. Our total came up to $101.20, which was a decent price for five people in my opinion, since the food was good! (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

The Miso Mushroom Noodles ($8 ALC) was decent, it tasted mostly of the mushrooms. Not a big fan so I wouldn't reorder this but nonetheless still pretty worth.

The Braised Pork Noodles ($8 ALC) was quite nice, I loved the pulled pork bits! Nothing really special though, I wouldn't reorder either.

The Sichuan Pork Noodles ($8 ALC) was the ✨BEST✨ out of all 3 noodle dishes and my friends agreed! It had a small spice kick to it, definitely suitable for those who don't really take spice! ・ᴗ・

The Original Dumplings ($7 ALC, 5 pieces) were good, but I still prefer my bibigo ones 🙊 worth the try though if you're looking for good old plain dumplings!

The Sichuan Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) were pretty meh in my opinion, but my friends liked it. It was definitely much spicier than the Sichuan Noodles (I think there was more chilli oil added) so some might not be able to take it.

The Fried Pierogi Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) were ✨ DEFINITELY THE BEST DUMPLINGS WE ORDERED!!! 😍🤤 We ordered 2 extra plates hahaha. It had a slight truffle taste to it and the sauce accompanying it was really good as well! I would definitely recommend ordering this.

The Smoked Duck Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) was the second best dish we ordered. The smoked duck was just salty enough and tender, but my dumpling had a little too much mushroom which I didn't like. Would recommend ordering this too though!

I had the Passion Fruit Ginger Soda ($6 ALC), which was pretty refreshing, but I mostly tasted the passionfruit flavour only, didn't really taste the ginger soda.

My friends had the Grapefruit Thyme Green Tea ($6 ALC). I had a few sips and it was really sour, so I didn't really like it. I think the sourness overpowered everything else 😖 They still finished the drink though, so I guess it's a personal preference thing!

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this place. The staff were really nice and friendly as well, so it's a big plus! Would definitely revisit again in future 🌞🥟

P.S. do try to make a reservation before heading down! We had to wait ~20mins as it was full house when we arrived.

TLDR; order the Sichuan Pork Noodles ($8 ALC), Fried Pierogi Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) and Smoked Duck Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) 🥳

- JH


Ordered the miso mushroom noodles ($7-8, can’t remember the exact price) & added the ramen egg (+$1.50). And then added the original 5 dumplings ($7) because you can’t come here and not have their dumplings.

Second time here and it hasn’t disappoint. Love the vibes here and really one of the most worth it places around Tanjong Pagar! (If you’re going down there, remember to make reservations or you can be prepared to wait)

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I had some of the most amazing dumplings at @dumpling.darlings the other night!! Other than being super affordable, these dumplings were really one of the most delicious I’ve eaten in Singapore!!
A dumpling platter is $20 for 15 dumplings (5 flavs, 3 pieces each)! My fav dumplings were the Curry Momo (with Impossible meat) and the Pierogi (cheese, potato and bacon) 🤤 smth interesting they have is their Dessert Dumplings (poached pear and Tasmanian ice cream)

The Miso Mushroom noodles ($6) were really nice and filling too!!

Verdict: 10/10 (affordable and super delish!!!)

Ordered 2 lunch sets.
Miso mushroom noodles, smoked duck dumplings and longan osmanthus pu erh
Szechuan noodles, fried pierogi dumplings and grapefruit strawberry green tea.
I expected the miso mush noodles to taste quite hawker centre-ish, but it exceeded my expections. Noodle portions were just nice, with a lot of well seasoned button mushrooms. My friend who tried the szechuan noodles loved it, especially the szechuan spice. Smoked duck dumpling contained lots of duck bits, which complemented the oyster sauce provided. The fried pierogi dumplings really impressed me! I loved the mashed potato filling, but especially their spicy creamy sauce!! On the other hand, drinks were so so, tastes like what you would think it will taste. Will be back for the dumplings platter! 5/5, worth the money!

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No excuse needed to throw me a noods and dumpling party!

Getting my fix and settling my family’s meal for the day, the Dumpling Party for 4 ($75/ free delivery with code PARTY4) is a set featuring 30 dumplings (a mix of 3 flavours) and 4 boxes of egg noodles. Ordered off Dumpling Darlings' website, I chose all my favourites - Pan Fried Smoked Duck, Deep Fried Pierogis, and Pan Fried Original Dumpling with Miso Mushroom Noodles as well as Braised Pork Noodles. The pan-fried dumplings were just as good as I remembered with flavourful chunks of smoked duck in the former and yummy minced pork collar stuffed in the OG. And of course, for the Fried Pierogi, it would have been best served there pipping hot but still travelled relatively well. The noodles too, were two thumbs up with perfectly halved Hanjuku Eggs!

Islandwide delivery with a minimum order of $80. Order via https://www.dumplingdarlings.com.sg

Can't remember how many times I had this. Ordered their party for 4 due to circuit breaker. Can't go to work, so call delivery! Had my usual miso mushroom noodles, the saltiness is just right for me, but just have to make sure to mix it well! Sichuan pork noodles is good too, with a little spiciness to it. The best part is definitely the dumplings! Fried pierogis are my favourite! Not too cheesy and not jelat at all! First tried this place when it was on burrple 1 for 1. Hope they will be on it again soon!

Really value lunch set for the sheer quantity and quality of the hearty spread! Small cosy restaurant that serves fast but expect long lines at lunch (even before they open)! Miso Mushroom Noodles > Braised Pork Noodles > Sichuan Pork Noodles! Loved the egg noodles with a really good firm bite, perfect especially mixed with fried shallots and spring onion! 🤤🤤 Fried Pierogi (loved the combination of bacon with creamy cheesy truffle potato encased within crispy dumpling skin) > Smoked Duck > The Original (back to the basics is always good with good ol vinegar and ginger) > Spicy Sichuan (basically 红油抄手) 😋😋 Drinks wise, Salted Plum Wolfberry Pu-Erh > Longan Osmanthus Pu-Erh > Grapefruit Thyme Strawberry Green Tea > Passion Fruit Ginger Soda. Amazing lunch with Burpple Beyond, but would definitely return even without the 1-for-1 deals 👍🏻👍🏻

$6 + $1.50 for harajuku egg// very affordable given the high quality of this dish (and it’s meat-free nature)!! noodles were rly springy and chewy and there was a good portion of mushrooms, and each noodle strand was paired with the fried shallots so you get the perfect blend of chewy and crunchy!! downside is there is no miso taste at all in this dish but i guess it’s all been blended together, but the sauce was rly nice, with stronger mushroom/oyster sauce flavor.
this place tends to get very crowded during meal times so try not to come too late!!

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