Umami Pasta

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Count on the bonito flakes to deliver the savoury punch, and when mixed with the eggy goodness, generous prawn bits and haebihiam chili, makes it rich and decadent - and also somewhat like a more sophisticated version of meepok with spice. Love the alfresco vibes here with the sun shining in 🌞

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Yummy pasta with bonito flakes, runny egg, shrimp and al dente pasta. There is some spice to it but in a pleasant way!

Super flavourful sauce that is spicy and goes well with the bonito flakes! There was also a decent amount of shrimps and pulled pork(?). Overall a unique and tasty pasta and would come back for more 👍🏻

Pasta with bonito flakes. This is one of my first time trying such a flavour and it is really not bad. Burpple beyond qmakes it better as it is 1-1!

Casarecce pasta was soft and had a nice texture to it. I enjoyed it but hubby didn’t as he said it’s too “nua” for him. Guess he prefers al dente kind. Not as spicy as the umami pasta and crab meat wasn’t as generous as expected.

Used Burpple beyond.

Burpple beyond deal! Spicy but tasty!! XO sauce is highly flavourful and delicious! Second time eating and it does make your stomach burn a little.

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We had a huge feast at TCA a few days ago, Umami Pasta was a real kick, only order if you can take the spiciness, Crab Pasta has just the right amount of crab meat, Big Breakfast portion is okay, not too huge, Pancake was our favourite. I thought the pizza crust is a little too thin for my liking, but some may like it that way. Had the lychee cruffin, it is one of my favourite that day. SERVICE by Juin Hao (if I remember correctly) was excellent!

Chilli crab pizza was filled generously with crab meat! The cheese is nicely burnt :) pasta was yummy!

Bought using Burpple Beyond. TCA does their coffee very well. The food, however, is average at best. This dish looked promising from the outset with the onsen egg, caviar and bonito flakes but had an odd spicy tangy flavour to it on first bite. For pasta lovers who love it aglio olio, this might appeal to you.

Shrimps, shallots, bonito flakes, a runny egg, and of course that fiery kick of spice - this fusion dish was indeed full of umami! A dish worth trying, even for those who shun spicy food, as the spice level can be adjusted.