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Mac N’ Cheese

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- Salt & vinegar fries: $9; black vinegar, thyme and garlic. I immediately caught a whiff of this aromatic dish when I sat down in the restaurant. The seasoning was really unique and I’ve never eaten anything like this before. Initially, I was afraid the vinegar will be overwhelming like Lay’s salt and vinegar chips but this was so well executed and in perfect balance. Def sth I will order again! 11/10
- Creamy mushroom: Can’t rmb price. But this was so good!!!!!! The cream was peppery, with slight hint of spice and we couldn’t get enough of it. 11/10
- Mac & cheese: $21; Only order this if you are an avid cheese lover. They probably used a whole assortment of cheese for this. Definitely has to be shared by a few people, this can get quite jelak after some time as it tasted quite one dimensional. 7/10
- BCM Tagliatelle: $25; Handmade pasta cooked with minced pork and pickled shitake with a few slices of liver. Interesting, texture was abit like thr korean jajangmyeon. But bcm should be a dish of its own and left out of fusion! 4/10

The sides were definitely the star of the show. My friends and I were really impressed by the quality and price of the food. Also, fantastic service!! The staff were so friendly and helpful, kept looking out for us to see if we needed anything. Highly recommended and I’ll definitely be back to try out the other food on the menu! Thank you so much for the good food and service! 🤩

The bacon bits is somewhat of a scam because you're really kind of forced to add it, you need a little bit of contrast. So that wasn't super value for money

Nonetheless this was absolutely delicious. Creamy, rich, there's some umami from the cheese, yet it wasn't too jelat. Pasta was on point as well. I haven't had too many gourmet Mac and cheese, or even Mac and cheese tbh, so this is definitely the best I've had so far. Nonetheless, it's worth it

Even tho I say it's not too jelat, probably best to split with someone lol

A picture speaks a thousand words. And @theguildsingapore's 𝗠𝗮𝗰 & 𝗖𝗵𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗲 ($21) cajoles rather enticingly with its sensual shades of house-cured-egg tangerine, bleeding seamlessly into scintillating hues of cheesy, creamy gold. 🥵🧀🍳
No frills, just a nice bite and silky finish befitting of its cheesy opulence. Precisely what I envision a great Mac & Cheese to be like. Chase it with swigs of scrumptious @youngmastersg pours ($13) off their happy hour menu (4pm-8pm) and that's real happiness. ✨

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I can’t say I was mighty impressed with everything we had at The Guild, but I can say with absolutely certainty that their Mac N Cheese is one decadent number worth every cent and calorie. It’s nothing fancy so there’s not much to describe really; it’s just blatantly yummy. You’re looking at perfectly cooked macaroni that still retains a nice bite, coated in a sauce that’s basically what liquid cheese would mean to me, and finished with a glorious house-cured egg yolk in the prettiest orange hue. Give it all a good mix, and that resulting creamy, rich, and cheesy dish is all I need in a good mac n cheese 🤤💕

Well... I wouldn’t disagree...👍🏽
Thanks to @dingsleepy for the invite and @daniellenarrates @theguildsingapore for hosting us.

Made with cheddar sauce with a secret ingredient, and top with a golden house cured egg yolk, this signature Mac and Cheese has an added creaminess and heartiness that will leave you wanting for more.
*Remember to add in Char Siu Bacon for extra goodness!
Other ‘Must Try’ dishes to try are the
▫️Salibury Rubbed Hanger Steak
I will showcase more dishes along the weeks to come so do stay tune!
Thanks to @dingsleepy for the invite and @daniellenarrates @theguildsingapore for hosting us.

The Guild's Mac N’ Cheese ($21++) is LEGENDARY - for its crazy intense flavour, but also how picture-perfect it is. Just look at that house-cured egg yolk in the middle; it's pure liquid gold. Mixed in with the rich AF cheddar sauce, this is possibly the most heavenly Mac & Cheese I've ever had.

Consider this fair warning, though - this is crazy creamy, I doubt anyone could comfortably finish this on their own. Not even a Bui Bui like me! Best shared amongst friends over good conversation.

Thanks Danielle & The Guild for the hospitality, & Damian for the invite! 💕

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The Guild is a restaurant & bar serving contemporary comfort food & a comprehensive drinks selection with old fashioned hospitality & warmth.
Mac N’ Cheese – Look at the rich golden house-cured egg yolk on one of their all-time favourites at The Guild!
Made with cheddar sauce (a secret ingredient was added in too!), their signature Mac and Cheese has an added creaminess & heartiness that will leave you wanting more.
Pro-tip: Remember to add in our Char Siu Bacon for extra goodness!
Salisbury Rubbed Hanger Steak
250g, roasted garlic aioli, laksa pesto
Wow & Woah filled the room, when the plate was presented.
The room went silence for a moment when eating started.
Wow & woah filled the room again.
Tender, medium rare. The perfect piece of beef anyone can ask for.
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Thank you to the ever bubbly & lovely @daniellenarrates for the invite; Chef @altonhshoots @theguildsingapore for feeding us; @michaeltai84 for the warm hospitality as always.
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This could be one of the best renditions of mac & cheese I’ve had yet! This photo was taken right before the waiter mixed in the egg yolk - the dish was so incredibly cheesy, creamy and rich and every bite packed a huge mouthful of flavour. Would definitely recommend, but unless you’re a huge mac & cheese fan, get it to share so you won’t find it too jelat.

The #steak with fried eggs was very average. Overall a fun #bdae #brunch with the bunch though! 🦄 .
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