From top left, in clockwise direction:

- Salt & vinegar fries: $9; black vinegar, thyme and garlic. I immediately caught a whiff of this aromatic dish when I sat down in the restaurant. The seasoning was really unique and I’ve never eaten anything like this before. Initially, I was afraid the vinegar will be overwhelming like Lay’s salt and vinegar chips but this was so well executed and in perfect balance. Def sth I will order again! 11/10
- Creamy mushroom: Can’t rmb price. But this was so good!!!!!! The cream was peppery, with slight hint of spice and we couldn’t get enough of it. 11/10
- Mac & cheese: $21; Only order this if you are an avid cheese lover. They probably used a whole assortment of cheese for this. Definitely has to be shared by a few people, this can get quite jelak after some time as it tasted quite one dimensional. 7/10
- BCM Tagliatelle: $25; Handmade pasta cooked with minced pork and pickled shitake with a few slices of liver. Interesting, texture was abit like thr korean jajangmyeon. But bcm should be a dish of its own and left out of fusion! 4/10

The sides were definitely the star of the show. My friends and I were really impressed by the quality and price of the food. Also, fantastic service!! The staff were so friendly and helpful, kept looking out for us to see if we needed anything. Highly recommended and I’ll definitely be back to try out the other food on the menu! Thank you so much for the good food and service! 🤩