Kimchi Seafood Waffle

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The Kimchi Seafood Waffle ($15.80) had more subtle flavours than I expected - not as sour or fiery as I thought it'd be. I enjoyed how sometimes there'd be a surprise squid tentacle inside the waffle while I'm chowing down 😂 I guess it's good this isn't fiery hot or too potentially offensive on the palate, so it's one for all tastebuds.

Thanks Montana Singapore for the hospitality, & Casey for the invite 💕


Location: @montanasingapore Montana Singapore, 1 Selegie Road, POMO Mall, Unit 02-25, Singapore 188306
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And yet their mainstays like this Mac and Cheese waffles, with its savoury notes combined with jalapeño tomato relish remain so yummy. To channel the dish into the waffles as much, they put elements of the dish into the batter. Like bits of macaroni in this.
Other new introductions include the kimchi seafood waffles and the fiery Samyang carbonara pasta, which is a must. So good, I went back a second time just for the pasta. Full review on the blog. Link in bio.
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Kimchi waffle with batter consisting of whole medium sized prawns and squid. So crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Over the waffle, you woud find kimchi powder and garlic mayo. The garlic mayo was goood but it could definitely do with more on the plate:) somehow the nori on it made the flavours on the dish more cohesive for me too😊


Out with new savoury waffles on their refreshed brunch menu, look forward to some fun Asian-inspired flavours such as Montana's Assam Crab ($16.30), Nasi Lemak ($15.50) and Kimchi Seafood ($15.80) waffles. And my personal favourite being the deceptively simple Korean-style waffle. Incorporated into the batter itself, find bits of squid and plump prawns in every mouthful. No dry blocks of batter here as Montana does what they do best, evenly-crisp-yet-slightly-soft-centered waffles. Though milder in taste, you can still get a tad of the kimchi’s sourness and tanginess which complemented well with the shredded seaweed as well as drizzles of garlic mayo.

Many thanks to Seetoh from Montana Singapore for the invite!



Montana Singapore
1 Selegie Road
Unit No.: 02-25
Singapore 188306
Tel No.: 6334 3137




The seemingly least ‘exciting’ looking waffle on our table ended up being our favourite! It might look a little drab, but hidden inside the waffle are meaty chunks of squid and whole prawns; just like an authentic Korean waffle. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, the garlic mayo and seaweed sealed this as a must-order the next time I’m back! 🔥


Relatively unadorned and deceptively simple in appearance, the kimchi waffles bore sunken treasure of succulent prawns and squid within. Graced with a flurry of shredded seaweed, garlic mayo and an inspired touch of kimchi powder, Montana has certainly upped their umami ante with this one, a solid crowd favourite amongst us.

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Taste: 3.5/5


Montana has always been known for their waffles and this certainly didn’t disappoint.

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside tho there’s a little inconsistency for our waffle as certain parts are slightly mushier. Still pretty good play of texture from the waffles with chunks of crunchy prawn/ chewy squid! Kimchi flavour wasn’t too overwhelming and just slightly tangy. This savoury waffle was a unanimous favourite for our table!

Thank you @cweizhi for extending the invite and @montanasingapore for the kind hospitality.