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Finally got to visit the Novena branch. Still as amazing - freshly baked bagels with delicious and generous patty and fillings. Yums!


Finally went to Two Men Bagel House after seeing it so often on my feed! I had the Lamb paired with multigrain bagel as per recommendation. The flavors worked well together, not too sweet or salty and the lamb was tender and not gamey. The only problem- it was a little messy to eat but very worth it.

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Lamb Patty, Cheese Melt, Fried Egg, Hollandaise.
Following the success of their first outlet at Icon Village, they finally opened their second outpost at Royal Square, which is just a stone’s throw away from Novena MRT Station. Best known for their freshly baked bagels hand-rolled with love, @twomenbagelhouse is probably one of the top few bagel cafes in town. To make things interesting, both outlets actually offer a different range of bagel selection for customers to venture into.
The all-sorts bagel had a good bite to it, without being overly tough or chewy. The lamb patty wasn’t too gamey and went well with other components of the bagelwich. Wholesomeness guaranteed 😊.
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First visit here. Ordered lamb ($10) bagel and hot white coffee ($5). Overall experience was good especially their service and friendly staffs!


Lamb (S$10)
Lamb patty, cheese πŸ§€ melt, fried egg 🍳, and hollandaise.
Accompanied with Corn 🌽 Chowder Soup (S$5).
Available at @twomenbagelhouse
Selected cheddar for the bagel. Not bad although the patty might be slightly too gamey at the first bite. Perhaps should have selected blueberry bagel to have the sweetness of the fruit to balance the taste.
The soup was richly delicious.
Two Men Bagel House
Address 🏠 : 103 Irrawaddy Road, # 01-04 Royal Square @ Novena, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 329 566
Tel ☎️ : 6251 6601
Open πŸ•” :
Weekdays : 8am - 6pm
Weekends : 9am - 6pm
Website 🌐 : http://www.twomenbagels.com
MRT πŸš‡ : Novena (NS20)

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Reminds me of St Urbains in Toronto. Adding a crispy hash brown to an already amazing lamb patty, cheese and egg bagel ($10 +$2) only made it that much better. Shout outs to @gigglesandjiggles and @iamjaynedoe for the hashbrown protip.

Located just outside Royal Square at Novena, there's a mix of some things new and familiar here and it is split into breakfast and legends bagels. You can even choose the type of bagel you'd prefer, such as seeded, salt and all-sorts - which I'd assume includes a little of everything - to go with your selection.

The Lamb is part of the breakfast bagel menu and it includes a pamb patty, cheese melt, fried egg, greens and hollandaise sauce. I like that the lamb isn't so gamey, while the rest of the bagel helps to counterbalance any strong tastes whatsoever from the meat. It can be quite a mess to eat this because of the egg ane sauce, but this would make do for a wholesome and hearty meal for any time of the day. πŸ˜‹

From the legends bagel menu, I tried the Primal with which you'll find smoked brisket, house pickles, peppers, onions, cheddar and mustard barbeque sauce. This does feel like the healthier option of the two, and the portions of meat and veggies are generously spread, providing a thoroughly balanced flavour as well as a good range of textures. I did find it a challenge to eat this because it is really huge, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

Whether you'd like a laid back outdoor dine-in option (seats are relatively limited though, but there are seats just opposite the branch as well) or a nice takeaway option with good portions, Two Men Bagel House is definitely an ideal place to satisfy your hunger pangs should you be hanging around Novena.

This didn't really give us the same love-at-first-bite satisfaction as the Ribs and Lamb. The pickles somehow didn't have enough acidity to balance the smoked brisket and cheddar's richness, but dousing it in more tangy mustard bbq sauce worked like a charm! Just forget about the "it's 40% fat" fun fact about the sauce till you've gobbled everything up. πŸ˜…


If you want to skip this thinking the patty's probably gamey, you've got nothing to worry about! They hash brown add-on (+$2) came highly recommended and of course we said yes. It's everything you want in a breakfast bagel (bacon add-on also available, fyi πŸ™ƒ) - would totes get out of bed for this!


Part of their Breakfast Bagel menu, the Lamb comes with some pretty comforting elements such as smashed fried egg, hollandaise sauce, lamb patty and cheese melt along with some greens. Opted for the All-Sorts Bagel here, which is itself pretty umami and tasty where the light yet firm Bagel is being topped off with salt, sesame and other toppings as well. Liked how the lamb patty wasn't particularly too gamey; quite satisfying with the creamy hollandaise and egg yolk β€” a pretty fulfilling breakfast treat by itself.