Sashimi Rice Bowl

$23.00 · 3 Reviews

For people who aren’t fans of unagi, Uya also offers a classic sashimi rice bowl. The sashimi is fresh and is still quite a hearty portion. The set also comes with a salad, soup and pickles. If you’re feeling lavish, one can add a portion of uni or fatty tuna at $9++.


Served with salad, soup and pickles 》$23

Fresh chunks of fishes sitting on a bed of vinegar rice. I personally liked the lightly sweeten layer of Sakura denbu on rice. The fishes were lightly seasoned hence I prefer mixing them with Sakura denbu and rice.

They have an option to add Sea Urchin or Fatty Tuna at $9 each.

Rice topped with chunks of fresh seafood, and a crowd favourite that seemed to be on every other table at dinner. This classic is faultless, although its portion size seems a tad small when compared against the hearty Hitsumabushi. There’s an option to add on tuna belly ($9) and/or sea urchin ($9). We went with the tuna belly, but were once again disappointed with the small portion. There are better places to enjoy chirashi don, but this makes a good alternative if you’re dining with a non-unagi lover here; my advice though really is to go with the eel.