Grilled Camembert Toast

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This cosy bistro within a furniture shop doles out delicious all-day comfort food. Think Bacon and Eggs ($11) for breakfast, Grilled Camembert Toast ($9) for teatime and Spanish Pork Cheeks & Taro Somen ($18) for dinner!
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua


This ($9) was very yummy with the toast being crispy and the cheese being very tasty with the burnt flavour too. The rosemary honey goes well with this, adding another dimension to the toast as well.

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While still much more manageable than the usual strong French cheeses, the camembert still has a slight funk which could be disturbing for the uninitiated. The charred bits also have a unique smell which could be off-putting to some, but otherwise it's a really nice soft cheese complemented by the rosemary honey.

This was a hosted meal by @gastrosmiths and a huge shoutout to the amazing chef Dillon who was such a hospitable host as well as a big thank you to @burpple for the invite


This is in fact Gastrosmiths’ Signature Grilled Camembert Toast ($9), which is a pimped up version of the regular ones as it contains gooey French Camembert on top of grilled bread and finished with a dressing of rosemary honey. Camembert has a sharp cheesy contrast which might not appeal to many, but the floral sweetness from the rosemary honey cancels out some of the strong cheese aroma. For desserts, I would recommend the Warm Gula Aren Cake ($8.50), a housemade palm sugar coconut cake which is accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with more palm sugar.
Address: 112, East Coast Road, i12 Katong, Unit 03-06, Singapore 428802

The rosemary honey on the toast complemented the saltiness of the camembert really well. Very memorable dish that I wouldn’t mind having for breakfast or tea!

This dish packs a punch upon first bite. An oozing whirlwind of sweet, savoury and smoky flavors is how would describe this dish.

Who could resist this gooey, melted camembert cheese toast drizzled over with rosemary honey?

This was an invited tasting courtesy of @burpple and @gastrosmiths

Taste: 4/5


Camambert Rosemary Honey Toast ($9)-standard toast, but pretty good combination of semi melted camembert and honey 3.75/5


The salty sweet combination was so on point, not too sweet not cheesy. Wouldn’t mind having this every day for breakfast/tea-time/dessert!


What a perfect way to end our meal here! The stretchy soft camembert on top of grilled toast, with drizzles of rosemary honey. Not excessively sweet, the rosemary honey was really lovely especially when paired with french camembert. This is perfect for breakfast, tea-time or even dessert. I can (and love to) eat this every day!