Chicken Nanban

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Beauty Collagen Pot to make you a beauty.

This is my favourite collagen soup place to go. Would usually go for their set but since the menu has changed, we decided to go for their a la carte this time. Duo pot with original & tomato collagen broth, original is still my favourite. Things to note, set has complimentary one-time refill of soup and a la carte does not. Would totally order their chicken meatball & chestnut pork again.

For sides, chicken nanban & bacon-wrapped rice with cheese are my all time favourite. Swipe to the back to see!

I was really looking toward to this cos this place specializes in chicken. Oh my I was not disappointed! I hesitated between the original and spicy version. But I can never resist tartar sauce. Glad I had the spicy sauce leftover from my ramen, thou I'm not sure if they use the same sauce.

Sooooo juicy!!! One of the juiciest fried chicken I have ever tasted. And the tartar sauce made me collapse on the table mewing in delight after one bite. I loved it so much I used every tool on the table to scrap up all traces of it. Spoon, chopsticks, chicken, salad leaves etc. ๐Ÿคค


Ramen served for lunch only. I went at 2.30pm and they were still opened. Was told that shio is their signature so I got it with spicy sauce (add $1). I made the mistake of putting the alfalfa sprouts(?) in and the soup ended up with a raw vege smell. Otherwise this Ramen was great! The thick noodles were chewy and spicy sauce was so spicy that I got half left over for the nanban chicken. Soup was thick and flavorful. The 2 large slices of chicken thigh were very tender. This was a wonderful bowl that I really enjoyed.

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Being a fan of chicken nanban, I had to try it when I saw it was available. It was good and I was so full and satisfied after that.


A Singapore-exclusive item, and essentially the concept of "dish localization" executed to perfection. The spiciness doesn't just dwell in the sauce - it looks all creamy and harmless but oh, boy - but also in the chicken's marinate. Thus, it's spicy inside out yet restrained enough that your tongue doesn't demand ice treatment but merely a quick rinse. 4.1/5