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Jurong East

Featuring Paradise Dynasty 乐天皇朝 (Westgate), DON DON DONKI (Jem), IPPUDO (Westgate), Tsukada Nojo (Westgate), HEYTEA (Westgate), Genki Sushi (Westgate), Gindaco (JCube), Aloha Poké (Westgate), Ahtti Korean Chicken, Devil Chicken (JCube)
Jessica imSOHhungry
Jessica imSOHhungry

Hidden Gem in the West?

Calling Westies that loves Korean Fried Chicken!
I wanna thank my best friend for always discovering hidden gems and sharing them with me ☺️

I absolutely love this chill place, their fried chicken were fried to crispy goodness with burst of flavour in each bite. My go to order is the Boneless Chicken — Ganjang flavour. One day when I have enough courage to try the Chilli Padi, I will update you all.

My other must order when I go is Kimchi Pancake. No word to describe, it’s just a must. If nobody wants to share with me then I will have that by myself.

I tried Zzolmyeon (not in picture) for the first time and it was pretty good, portion was really huge.

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Funfact: I like my noodles texture firm

Now is really the period to have a warm comforting bowl of ramen to get us through this sweater weather. The creamy tonkotsu broth & firm noodles(I opted for Very Hard) were hitting the right spot.

Added gyoza to complete my meal. Sauces includes vinegar & chilli oil which complimented the gyoza really well.

Served in claypot, keeping it hot till the last mouth.

Beauty Collagen Ramen is another item that I like to order at Tsukada Nojo. Not sure about other outlet but for Westgate, it is only available on weekdays lunch.

Spicy Salmon is love.

My must order at Genki has always been Spicy Salmon, I have not had any Spicy Salmon that does it better than Genki’s.

Engawa Sushi is another item from Genki that I like to order, so imagine my excitement when I saw the new Spicy Salmon Engawa Don. Not many would appreciate the fattiness and taste of Engawa but I sure do!

Beauty Collagen Pot to make you a beauty.

This is my favourite collagen soup place to go. Would usually go for their set but since the menu has changed, we decided to go for their a la carte this time. Duo pot with original & tomato collagen broth, original is still my favourite. Things to note, set has complimentary one-time refill of soup and a la carte does not. Would totally order their chicken meatball & chestnut pork again.

For sides, chicken nanban & bacon-wrapped rice with cheese are my all time favourite. Swipe to the back to see!

Love the Scrambled Egg White with Fish & Dried Scallop, never fail to order this every time I’m at Paradise Dynasty. I eat it as my main.

Delivery: $5 for Islandwide delivery(min. $50)

Scrambled Egg White with Fish & Dried Scallop $13.80

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Seems like I’m kinda late to the posting, just found out that both the discount & Crispy Xiao Long Bao is valid till today 😅

I love the crispy xiao long bao so much 🥺 it’s everything of the original xiao long bao, packed with soup, plus a crispy base.

Also love the regular Scrambled Egg White with Fish & Dried Scallop, never fail to order this every time I’m at Paradise Dynasty. I eat it as my main.

Exclusively to Citibank, Maybank & PGR member, 30% off takeaway & 20% off dine-in food bill.

Delivery: $5 for Islandwide delivery(min. $50)

Crispy Xiao Long Bao $7.80
Scrambled Egg White with Fish & Dried Scallop $13.80

What is this purple liquid?

Always enjoy exploring the food & beverages that Donki offers; ready-to-eat meals and wide range of interesting beverages.

What I tried from Donki’s Japan Mobile Food section was Purple Sweet Potato Latte that uses hokkaido milk and purple sweet potato powder from Japan. The texture was thick & creamy, definitely not a thirst quenching drink but love that interesting flavour.

Purple Sweet Potato Latte (Iced) $3.20

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Where do you go to for affordable Japanese food?

Donki is the place I go to for casual, affordable & fresh sushi or sashimi. I’m a fan of their ready-to-eat meals, subjected to availability, there were always a different range of items to pick from.

Photo 1 is my favourite, containing assorted cut of cubed tuna, the maki was so huge that I couldn’t eat it whole. Very worth it but I only saw this item once from my many trips to Donki 😂

They offer a wide range of ready-to-eat convenient & fresh food, ranging from sushi, sashimi, platter, donburi & side dishes.

Delivery: -

Hon Maguro Maki 4 pcs $5.80
Honmaguro O-toro & Salmon Sushi $14.80

What do you like about cream puff?

I like the crispy exterior filled with sweet cream. Recently tried the cream puff from KAZO and there was no regrets. The cream was filled upon order so the puff remained crispy.

The filling is so creamy and satisfying. It’s durian cream yet I can really taste the durian. The Hokkaido filling was milky and smooth.

Delivery: FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $40)

Durian Cream Puff (Mao Shan Wang) 4 for $10
Crispy Cream Puff (Hokkaido) $1.80

Refreshing bowl of Poké that is highly customisable. Able to pick from 1 to 3 Poké and me being myself, chose the maximum I can get.

I love spicy and their spicy tuna is good, spiciness hitting the right spot. The other Poké I like is, torched mentai salmon.

Delivery: GrabFood & Deliverio Islandwide Delivery
Poké Bowl (3 Poké & 2 Premium Add Ons) $23.50

Quality and inexpensive sashimi here at dddk, where you can pick which tray looks the freshest to your eyes. Hamachi, torched hamachi w/mentaiko & salmon belly sashimi, all these for 15$


Documenting food that I would eat again My friends use me as a food directory 👇🏻 30% off Beyond

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