Creamy Shrooms

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Despite being dairy free, the sauce was creamy enough. We also liked that the sauce was slightly peppery. Topped with button mushrooms and a crispy patty, we see why its an easy favourite for most. A must order for mushroom lovers. Serving size was ok for the price.


The textures were on point with the patty being crispy along with the fresh vegetables giving that crunch. However the flavours were really off for me. I got creamy mushroom but the patty's flavours overpowered the cream and there was barely mushroom. My seaweed fries barely had seaweed as well. I'm not a fan but I guess I would return if the flavours were more accurate and balanced.

Vegan Burger (44 Jalan Eunos)

Creamy Shroom Burger ($9.90) (best selling burger) can be add-on for a set meal include seaweed fries (regular) and choice of drink (raspberry lemonade). I felt that their cream sauce (dairy-free) is not that strong for me and i did enjoy their cream cream so much. But their patty for creamy shroom burger was quite hard to chew and didn't enjoy it that well. I also like to eat burger and fries also. It's quite filling burger set meal for me but I didn't finish their seaweed fries at all. Some part of fries didn't seasoned well for seaweed toppings and it's not that salty or oily aftertaste even without seaweed toppings. The drink (raspberry lemonade) was quite complemented well with food and quite got that mixed taste between sour and sweet.

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Got the creamy shrooms with seaweed fries & cracked mayo with sizzlinโ€™ broccoli. Burger was substantial and patty tasted pretty much like those vegetarian mock meat. Liked the fries which were very crispy. Not a fan of the broccoli as it tastes bland to me, but if youโ€™re feeling healthy, go for it. Overall, a hearty vegan burger with fresh ingredients! โ˜บ๏ธ

โญ๏ธ 3.5/5

Tried out the Creamy Shrooms ($8.90) and Smoky BBQ ($10.90) for the first time and was pleasantly surprised.

Despite the burgers being a little pricey, they were really good and the portion was just nice for me as well. Definitely no complaints with the burgers but the broccoli was a little stiff and tasteless.

Will be back to try the other burgers!

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All time favourite burgers! Yummylicious mushroom slices with a patty. Top it up with a meal for a drink & side. I love the seaweed fries. Not salty at all.

Location ๐Ÿ—บ: 44 Jalan Eunos, 419502
Opening Hours ๐Ÿ•’: 11:30AM - 10:00PM
Rating ๐Ÿ“ˆ: 3/5
Price ๐Ÿ’ธ: $8.90
Review ๐Ÿ’ฌ: Heard a lot about this place, so I decided to give it a try. Ordered a creamy shrooms, without the set, as we were going out for dessert after. The soy patty was crispy and pretty good, albeit a little bland. Mushrooms were good and the vegetable was fresh, but nothing to shout about. Took about 15 to 20 minutes for the food to be ready. Although a little on the pricier side ($9 for a burger?!), it was big and filled me up. Service was a little slow although there wasnโ€™t much of a crowd but staff was bubbly and nice. Recommended for those who are craving a burger, but want something different!

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Fans will be elated to enjoy $5 Signature Burgers ALL DAY on 22 December, Friday from 11.30am-10pm at @VeganBurg ๐Ÿ’š
To celebrate their 2nd Anniversary in San Francisco, customers in SG can choose from their signatures like - Smoky BBQ, Creamy Shrooms, Mustang Relish, Cracked Mayo, Hawaiian Teriyaki, Avocado Beetroot, Chargrilled Satay, and Tangy Tartar.
FREE meal upgrade vouchers will be distributed to use on next visit too. Happy 2nd anniversary! #Veganburg
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Looking for a guilt free fast food? This is definitely the place to go and I personally feel that everything on their menu is worth a try.

Their burgers are actually really good. The buns are fresh and fluffy, and the menu choice is extensive.... although mostly burgers. The grilled patty really taste like meat when in actual fact, it's either a soy or mushroom patty. Oh, their truffle fries ($7.90) is a MUST try too.

My top 3 burger recommendations are: Creamy Shrooms, Smoky BBQ and Avocado Beetroot

I've dine here more than five times and the food has always been consistent. Service is fast, prices slightly on higher side though (a complete meal with side & drink roughly cost around $14-18). Located just across street from Eunos MRT.

Lauded as the world's first 100 percent plant-based burger joint, VeganBurg is our go-to place for tried-and-tested, absolutely scrumptious meatless burgers. Made from soybeans and mushrooms, the patties are hearty and juicy, and the burger buns are soft with just enough bite. Bestselling burgers on the menu include the Creamy Shrooms ($8.90), which comes with dairy-free cream sauce and fresh button mushrooms, and the Smoky BBQ ($9.90) that comes slicked in a most delicious smoky barbecue sauce. We also love that they continually introduce seasonal specials like the most recent Chili Krab ($10.90), which features a sweet and spicy homemade sauce made using handcrafted rempah. Add $3.90 for a side of seaweed fries or grilled broccoli, and a drink. If you're cutting down on carbs, these guys will willingly swap out your buns for a lettuce wrap.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Natalie Wong