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Egglet Waffles

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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a piece of creamy and soo goood ice cream 🍦 at the heart of Kampong Glam. This store is side by side with Konditori, the famous bakery shop.
Lickety opened till late 11pm (Fri & Sat). For those who wants to close their meal on a sweet note, this place is a perfect choice.

First time, tried their ice cream egglet waffle 🧇 with 1 flavour ice cream + 1 topping at $8.90 which is good enough for me & my husband to share. Best is to have mix a mix waffle (buttermilk & red velvet), so you have the best world. My hubby likes dark angel - choco ice cream.

Although it’s not cheap, but worth the money.
Leave Kampong Glam with a smile in your tummy.

Came to the shop thinking that it was going to be another gimmicky dessert place, but was pleasantly surprised! The red velvet waffle was freshly made, toasty, and had a nice buttermilk taste to it. Though the waffle was piping hot, it didn’t melt the ice cream too much. We ordered the earl grey lavender and sea salt caramel flavours, both of which were delicious.

💵: $8.90

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: Had the buttermilk waffles + dark angel icecream topped with oreo and it was super good! Icecream doesn’t melt that fast so it can be savoured while walking (no seating space) waffle was crisp on the edges and soft on the inside with a slight buttermilk taste, topped with the dark chocolate icecream which wasn’t too sweet. Made for a great pairing with the oreo crumbs!

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When you strolling around kampong Melayu and need a dessert fix be sure to stop by and try their ice creams. Psssst if you get 2 scoops add $1 for the third one !!!!! You’re welcome

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Single Scoop with Mixed Flavour of Egglet Waffle consisted of Earl Grey and Fig (one scoop of ice cream, Marshmallow (one topping) and buttermilk & red velvet (mixed flavour) ($8.90) Earl Grey and Fig have bitter and strong taste and matched with sweet buttermilk & red velvet egglet waffle. I found it is quite sweet aftertaste for the waffle and need to mix well in other ice cream taste.

Pretty much the same like the mixed Red Velvet-Buttermilk one. Chewy and crispy. Had this one with chocolate sauce and red velvet cookies ice cream 4.25/5

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Small ice cream shop in bussorah street. One of the signs claimed they are the first egglet waffle ice cream shop in singapore? Ordered the half half (buttermilk & red velvet) with caramel sauce and taro yam ice cream ($8.5). Ice cream sure does have that yammy taste. Egglet waffle was really goos, crispy and warm, compliments ice cream really 4.5/5

Located near Haji Lane, it was quite a distance from Bugis MRT is we decided to go all out and treat ourselves to 3 scoops of ice cream, together with the half and half egglet (red velvet+original)

We opted for dark chocolate, earl grey and fig and honey lavender! The honey lavender was a bit too light at the start, but grew on us as it balanced the rich dark chocolate. Earl grey and fig was our favorite, though the earl grey was noticeably stronger in taste. The egglet didn’t vary much in taste, but remained crisp even with the ice cream. A great dessert to share, especially on warm days!

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Been wanting to try this since forever and I sure was missing out on all the goodness served at Lickety all these while. They have two choices of egglet waffle, which are, buttermilk and red velvet. I decided to try out the red velvet egglet waffle and opted for the two scoops of ice cream and 2 toppings. The egglet waffle was so soft and fluffy, and it was served warm. Even though they baked our waffle right after taking our order, we didn’t had to wait long till our order was served. The waffle had a spongy texture to it and it goes well together with the ice cream and toppings. The red velvet flavour was not too overpowering which was good and it just melts in your mouth. The ice cream, on the other hand, was creamy and flavourful. Besides their egglet waffles, they also have a wide range of ice cream which you can either choose to have it in a cup or cone. The staff were friendly and efficient, providing a great customer service experience. Will definitely make my way back to Lickety to try out more their delicious goodness.
Price: 2 Scoops of Ice Cream + 2 Toppings $11.90
Rating: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Good selection of ice cream flavours, only gripe was that the egglet could perhaps have been more crisp, otherwise it was overall a good combination!