Cantonese-Style White Cut Chicken

$10.00 · 3 Reviews

Really smooth and succulent chicken. Comes with a sweet and savoury light sauce. Mix everything (incl the zingy chili) into the white porridge for an extremely comforting meal. One of the best white chicken in my books for sure

If there's one stall to visit at Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre, this is it. The food centre has recently reopened after several months of renovation, and it's finally time to once again taste Soh Kee Cooked Food's amazing steamed chicken. For an honest and simple breakfast, bring the family here in the morning and order the Cantonese-Style White Cut Chicken (from $10 for half a chicken) to pair with a bowl of velvety smooth Plain Porridge ($1). The chicken is extremely tender with a layer of gelatin right under the skin that gives it its great texture, while the silky smooth porridge is tasty even on its own. A long-time fan, Tastemaker Vanessa Kou also loves the gravy-soaked cucumber slices, and how the savoury sauce is just spot-on.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou

Breakfast Goals: Big bowls of steaming plain porridge ($1/ bowl) and a plate smooth, fork-tender Cantonese-Style White Cut Chicken ($10/half chicken) complete with addictive savoury sauce.

A family favourite, I had to satisfy my craving for Soh Kee Cooked Food’s Chicken Porridge before the food centre undergoes major repair works for the following months. Consistent throughout the years, the moist chicken presented in thick chunks has got just the right amount of saltiness from the sauce. The thin layer of gelatin under the skin and gravy-soaked cucumber are also the best-loved elements of the dish (at least for me). Perfect with the simple bowl of porridge.

*Closing for renovation starting next month, Blk 505 Jurong West St 52 Market and Food Centre will only reopen at the end of May.