Maze Soba

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On top of their signature Tonkotsu ikkyu ramen which is unique in their generous spread of pork collar cha shu 🐷💗 they now have ⭐️MANRIGAN MAZE SOBA and TAISHOKEN’S TSUKUMEN ⭐️ both of which are authentic recipes from Japan 🇯🇵 especially the maze soba, I first had this voluminous vege and ingredient ramen bowl in Japan, this taste and looks exactly like it 🥰 the tsukemen broth dip is really really thick as well 💯

Mazesoba, which combines “mazo” (mixed) and “soba” (thin buckwheat noodles), is a type of soup-less ramen that’s popularly eaten during summer. .
This limited-edition Chef Horikawa Maze Soba ($12.80+) comes with a spicy kick, and is available at Teppan No Hoshi @ramenchampion_sg Bugis+

Accompanied with sliced spring onions, spicy minced pork, matchsticks of nori seaweed, creamy mentaiko, a dollop of mayo, and topped with an onsen tamago.
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This tastes less oilier than the tanjong pagar one. And the noodle portion was huge! 👍👍👍 1 for 1 with snatch app ($14.80++) #burpple

Dont be fool by the name of soba, its actually thick springy noodle. I actually enjoyed it, cleared the bowl within 10min
👍🏻 3/5
📍 Nearest Station: Bugis MRT

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