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For a value-for-money steak lunch, look to this Argentinian restaurant along Amoy Street. Dish offerings on the Prix Fixe Menu (from $32 for two courses) change on a weekly basis, but we're glad that their ribeye steak remains a mainstay. Expect stupendously tender Argentinian beef served with a tasty chimichurri sauce, and to leave with a smile on your face.
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Weekdays don't have to suck, especially when you can get crazy value like boCHINche's set lunch! ๐Ÿคค

Hot diggity, I've been waiting to sink my teeth into their rib-eye steak and watching them grill it in front of me made it that much better. 180g of juicy goodness, the portion was juuuust right and those chunky wedges made for a perfect companion. Think they could have reined back in the salt department just a teeny bit, but honestly, ain't complaining man. ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ

You can't go wrong with steak at Bochinche. 180h medium rare ribeye with chips and chimichurri mayo.

2 course prix fixe lunch ($28++)/3 course prix fixe lunch ($33++)

Taste: 3.5/5

As a starter for their prix fixe lunch menu, this is pretty smart on Bochinche's part. There's minimal prep work involved but the terrine even eaten cold is still hearty and delicious. A moist chicken core is studded with large squares of bacon and wrapped in even more bacon. The richness of the meat is counterpointed nicely by thinly sliced sheets of white peach and tangy plum sauce.

2 course ($28++)/3 course ($33++)

Taste: 3.5/5


For a satisfying steak lunch in the CBD, look no further. Argentinian restaurant boCHINche serves up what we reckon is one of the most value-for-money set lunches. The Prix Fixe Menu offers a choice of two or three courses ($28; $33, includes dessert) with weekly changes to their dish offerings. boCHINche is known for their meats, so we're glad that their ribeye steak is a mainstay. Expect a hearty piece (180g) of tender Argentinian beef seasoned and grilled perfectly, served with wedges and chimichurri mayo on the side. Portions are generous so bring your favourite colleague and get dessert to share. Pro tip: Before you reserve your seat, check their Instagram account (@bochinchesg) for the week's menu.
Avg Price: $30 per person
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If you work in the Tanjong Pagar area and have yet to savour the set lunch at boCHINche, it's time to right that wrong. This modern Argentinian restaurant serves what we reckon is the most value-for-money lunch set in this guide. The Prix Fixe Menu comes with a choice of Two Courses ($27) and Three Courses ($32, includes dessert) with dishes rotating weekly. Before heading down, check their Instagram for the latest menu. Thankfully, the crowd-favourite rib-eye steak is a mainstay โ€” think 180g of meltingly tender Argentinian beef served with a side of wedges and a yummy chimichurri mayo. During our meal there, we thoroughly enjoyed the alternative main of prawn and scallop open lasagna, and their excellent dessert of sponge cake with mixed berries and yerba mate sorbet. Portions are generous, so we recommend sharing one dessert between two!
Avg Price: $35 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

Scoured the web for a good deal on a executive set lunch and since I was hankering for beef, we settled on this. A steal at $27 for 2 courses and $32 for 3, the portion for the mains was generous and oh so tasty. My dining partner loved his shrimp and scallop open lasagne while I had the ribeye. It was a little too big for me but I still ate it all up. Just a minor complaint was that the salted part was way too salty for me to handle (and I like salt) and I had to scrap it off. It was done medium rare to perfection and very delicious. Definitely a must try and super easy on the wallet too!

The other option in the set lunch, perfect for sharing with your friend who's definitely getting the steak. These two mains complemented each other really well, with this one being comforting and hearty while the steak is totally indulgent. This dish was so generous in the amount of prawns and scallops hidden under that lasagna sheet, immersed in a broth that made it a really comforting stew-like dish. It also came studded with chunks of mushrooms and artichokes that were lovely. The fried dill on top was such a good touch! You know if I'm not really feeling like steak, I wouldn't be any less happy with this dish.


Okay I'll be honest - when I saw this on the menu for the third course of the set lunch, I was kinda underwhelmed and not really wanting to spend $5 more for it and wanted to just go for the 2-course at $27. What an absolute idiot I would've been if we didn't go for the 3-course, cos this is one helluva gorgeous dessert that got us swooning. The sponge cake gets a generous injection of milk, the mixed berries are generous and very tart, while the Yerba mate sorbet was more like luscious ice cream, tasting botanical and herby and beautiful. This was killer. BUT, share it, the lunch set is filling!!


Wow. There are two options for the set lunch ($27 for 2, $32 for 3-course), of which one is this stupendously good steak. Of course, bochinche's known for the quality of their meats, and the cookery was so perfect over the flames right in front of you. With the right amount of sea salt flakes and the super light wedges on the side, I haven't had a steak this good at this price ever. It comes with a tasty chimichurri mayo on the side, which goes very well with everything, but is also not needed since the beef on its own makes your eyes roll back. If you're eating in a pair, please share this and the other main option, the Prawn & Scallop Open Lasagna that's excellent too. I'll be dreaming of this steak.