Marvellous Matcha

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Marvellous Matcha - Thick but too sweet huge matcha 🍡 lava cake with lotus caramel biscuits and yuzu peels πŸ‘πŸ» 2. Roast beef ribeye, grilled 🌽 onsen 🍳 & πŸ₯‘ #alinaeats #onthetable #burpplesg #burpple #igsg #sgig #vsco #vscosg #vscocam #foodporn #foodstagram #foodphotography #instafood #instadaily #webstagram #matcha #beef #dessert #λ¨ΉμŠ€νƒ€κ·Έλž¨

Or could it be all? I'm in awe 😍😍😍

Marvellous matcha (18)-not a matcha fan, butΒ  a lot actually raved about this, so as a hotcake fan gotta try. Matcha flavor is distinct, but the mochi, the redbeans help reduce it down. I actually like the fondant-tasting like hotcake, despite not liking the matcha flavor of it 3.75/5

The Matcha Marvellous hotcake incarcerates a deep green matcha lava that oozes out upon a radius-long incision. It’s ornamented with a variety of thumb-sized items, namely dollops of azuki and ricotta, cut-up dango, some brown crumbles and a surprise handful of citrus-charged yuzu peels. First impression - it resembles a well-maintained mini garden.

While I did enjoy it overall, I do think there were a couple of aspects I thought I could use some amelioration. A rather stunning presentation would send the mental cue to anyone that the flavour would be just as promising. However, this was where it came up short.

The matcha flavour was hardly distinct, and also lacked potency. Just to give an idea, it took me at least three bites just to ascertain a hint of it. I wasn’t too hung up on it, honestly. But for matcha connoisseurs, I can only imagine how they’d respond to it.

The texture also got slightly mushy towards the centre, especially where the matcha lava was taking cover. It wasn’t helpful towards the end, when I was nearly full - the jelak-ness was real. 😡 I think sharing it with another person would definitely have mitigated that.

Yet, with all said and done, I will say that I did leave the place fully fed and satisfied! (7.6/10)


Essentially a matcha hotcake with molten matcha lava that was suppose to flow out, but in our case, didn't flow out as dramatically as we hope it'd be. Nevertheless, this dessert is pretty well executed. Crispy along its edges, there were biscuit crumble, azuki, yuzu peels and the best part, mochi to accompany it. This dish is just shouting Japanese in your face. I like how the yuzu brought a tinge of zing to the dish. Now I'm wondering if adding a scoop of ice cream will further enhance this otherwise already perfect dish πŸ€”

essentially a giant matcha lava cake that's nicely executed! cutting into the crisp edge reveals the molten matcha lava hidden inside which just fills you with such warmth.

this dish comes with ricotta cheese, a biscuit crumble, azuki beans and yuzu peels! it gives you a lot of the japanese taste in a mouthful. the yuzu peels add a citrusy and tangy flavour which may not be to everyone's liking!

maybe i'm a prude but i would've loved the warm matcha hotcake with some cold ice cream on top instead πŸ˜… then again, this was a really well thought out and executed dish.


Ninja Cut's tastes wasn't always spot on. I don't really fancy the onions in this dish and I think a little tartness could be added to the crab/maybe sour cream on the side to enhance flavor of the whole dish. The Marvellous Matcha overall was also sweet in a single dimension. But Ninja Cut is doing a great job with textures. I appreciate that the rosti and Marvellous Matcha were done crispy around the edges and fluffy inside which is worth commending.


Will recommend this place for their marvellous matcha. The kaya toast got a little je-lat after a while.
Main dishes and drinks were average.