Orange Cranberry Scone

$3.50 · 4 Reviews

Well people say this is the best and while it was dry, i gotta admit it's probably one of the best I've had(speaks more to the quality of scones in sg in general than anything else)

Quite light in texture and crumbly, and the sugar layer provides a bit of moistness. Still not good enough for me to come back but if you've never had a decent scone this could be worth a try

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Went exploring around Haji Lane area and decided to give the scones a try after reading the reviews. The Orange Cranberry Scone ($3.50) isnt that floury and is just right, just a lil sweet but not too bad. The cranberry and the orangey icing hmmmmm!!! The place is quite nice to hang out with friends or just stone by yourself (like what i did). There are also more cakes that i have yet to try (also halal!) And would come back again!


Really loved this crumbly scone from this peaceful little cafe. It was just sweet enough and not dense or heavy. Actually, everything we tried was great, and it was super hard to pick from the beautiful display of cakes. I would also recommend the brownie at the back there, along with the very big cup of long black I had.

And All Things Delicious now has a beautiful bakery amidst the old HDB flats in Lavender. Never miss the scones, they have interesting flavours – orange cranberry scones and gula melaka scones. Read more :