Army Stew

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@wangdaebakbbq Soulmeat Prime Set, 3-4 Pax ($128.00++, UP $143.00++) that includes:
◾Army Stew (large)
◾Lamb Shoulder Steak (200gr)
◾Boneless Prime Ribs (200gr)
◾2 cm Duroc Pork Belly / Duroc Pork Collar
◾Seafood Panjeonoyaki (New Item)
You also can enjoy A la Carte promotion for Lamb Shoulder Steak ($26.00++ , UP $29.00++) and Seafood Panjeonoyaki ($25.00++, UP $28.00++). 
Location: @wangdaebakbbq outlets.

We ordered the Menu Set B ($48), Army Stew with cheese ($38+3), and grapefruit soju ($15). I hardly drink soju and the grapefruit one actually tastes quite nice! All these food for 4 adults and we were actually very full from it.

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Also had the Ham & Pork Army Stew! Prices here are very reasonable and the food is pretty good too! It's Humpday again; can Friday please come a little fasterrrr :(

Extreme closeup of all the yummy goodness in this army stew. Luncheon meat, sausages, bacon and Maggie mee 😍 This army stew came out to be a little too savory at first and tasted overwhelmingly of luncheon meat. But as we continued adding kimchi (which came free flow as part of the side dishes) and diluting the soup base, it slowly came out to be a perfect balance of sour and savory. We also couldn't resist adding more Maggie noodles for only $3 😋

I and my friends were just craving for Korean food. So we were just randomly googling and this Wang Dae Bak name just came out. The review was quite good, so we gave it a try. The taste was okay, but really overpriced. We ordered pork belly and marinated chicken for $36 (you can see the pics, the amount is too small!), kimchi pancake for $19 (this one was awesome), army stew for $39 and additional soup for $5. The total was $109 for 3 of us. EXPENSIVE! But nevermind, it's the memories that count (try to console myself, haha).