Hei Zhor (Prawn Roll)

5 Reviews

This was crispy and juicy! There were crunchy water chestnuts in the roll as well (iirc) which is a big plus for me, because it makes the textures even better.

The bee hoon was very reasonably priced at $4.50 for a small plate. It was very tasty, soaked in a rich stock. The small plate of meat and prawn roll which somehow tasted like nuggets (in a good way) costs $10. Craving for both dishes as I type.


3 munchies: The well-marinated, crispy hei zhor (fried prawn & meat rolls) could have been a lot more moist and tender on the inside. Having tried their famous white bee hoon, I still think this place is overrated, albeit great for family meals, large groups and supper.