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Maguro Yukke

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Lovely tuna dish that melted in my mouth. Also enjoyed the Torikawa Oroshi Ponzu along with the Rosti Mentai and would highly recommend! Will visit again!

Visited Shukuu Izakaya for dinner with my girlfriend and we had an enjoyable meal. Highlights of our meal were the Maguro Yukke, Torikawa Oroshi Ponzu and Rosti Mentai, and all the food was delicious and fresh. The decorations and seating added to the Izakaya ambience, which definitely contributed to our experience. Would visit again!

Love the dishes are tasting portions which all went well with sake.

Esp love the gyu tongue; good bite to it and juicy, not overdone. And also the maguro yukke which was served with raw quail egg.

Their selection of sakes was impressive and love that they have options of 180ml for house pour sake.

Tried a dry and also a sweet 180ml sake house pours which were complementing to the dishes. Thanks to the staff who had great sake recommendation.

Great experience! Good service though the place was very packed on a Tuesday day. Probably good to reserve a table.

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Everything was great - the waiters were attentive and efficient, and the food was served quickly. The food was also great, I’d highly recommend the sashimi (We had the Maguro Yukke, as pictured) for sure!

They also had a wide range of sake (as its name suggests, of course), and although we only tried the Sweet Sake of the Week, it was so smooth and went really well with the food.

The atmosphere and decor of the place also felt really cozy - there was definitely an attention put in the details of the place, and there was a cohesiveness to it for sure. I would definitely recommend Shukuu!

Mackerel was well cooked and sashimi was tasty and interesting because they added an extra quail yolk. Cozy ambience and nice food 🐟

It was a great experience dining in ShuKuu. Staff were friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic in recommending the items in the menu. My friend and I specifically enjoyed the Maguro Yukke and the Gyu Ponzu which we would highly recommend to anyone coming to visit! Personally, having Gyu Ponzu before, I think ShuKuu's take on it is interesting, unique, and delicious. Awesome stuff!

Ordered the Yasai Miso, Gyu Ponzu, Maguro Yukke, Satsuma-Age, Rosti Mentai and Oden. Enjoyed the Gyu Ponzu and Maguro Yukke the most. I'd probably give the Yasai Miso a miss the next time. The Oden was pretty average.

Founded by four young professionals crazy about all things Japanese, this buzzy joint along Stanley Street creates an authentic Izakaya ambience with premium sake selections, charcoal-grilled skewers and donburis. Start off your experience with their Agedashi Tofu ($6) and Gyu Ponzu ($8), think lightly seared fillet beef with ponzu sauce. Order up a selection of Salmon Nigiri ($4.80), Maguro Yukke ($13), deep fried Tori Kara-age ($10) and end off the meal with the Ikura Don ($12). Still peckish? Get a round of Kushi-Yaki with your bottle of Sake — Tsukune ($4.50), Buta Bara ($4.50), Shishito Pepper ($3.50) and Tochigi Wagyu A4 (Ribloin) ($9).
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The food is really good and love the ambience here. Good place to unwind after work (it’s located in the middle of the CBD!) Wide range of food - all high quality stuff. Highly recommend the Maguro Yukkee (yellowfin tuna sashimi with raw quail egg)! Would love to try the Sakae the next time I come.


Yellowfin tuna sashimi w raw quail egg, tossed in sesame oil and spicy oil