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One of the more popular dishes at Wild Honey is this spicy shakshouka. Tomatoey and flavourful without being too oily and acidic, this had to be one of the best shakshoukas I’ve had so far. Opt for the soft pillowy brioche bread and you’ll thank be later.


my friend had the Vegetarian Tunisian [$23] while i had the Portobello Road [$24]. really surprised by how happy a simple brioche could make me :”) enjoyed the eggs and spinach a lot!

Bestie bought the $100 chope voucher cause we overestimated ourselves and thought we could finish $100 worth of food by ourselves HAHAHAH we ordered the Tunisian and European (and 2 desserts)!!

First time tryina shakshouka and it was overwhelming!! It was the right amount of spiciness and what could go wrong with eggs poached in tomato sauce and chorizo?? Le bestie had a hard time eating it gracefully as the tomato sauce dripped of the flatbread onto her hand and by the time she was finished, it looked like a crime scene HAHAH

As for my dish, the perfectly poached eggs were wrapped with Italian prosciutto and blanketed with a layer of hollandaise sauce which I couldn’t get enough of! I felt really guilty cutting into the poached eggs as if I were destroying an art piece😢 it got increasingly messy as the egg yolk oozed over the brioche and everywhere else on the plate ((that’s how you tell that they nailed their poached eggs))

Overall, wild honey took it to the next level and this meal exceeded what I had in mind! The interior was rly pretty and cosy as well! They dimmed the lights to achieve that ambience so my bestie and I had to be thick skinned and take photos of the food w flash heheh Lastly, kudos to the amazing crew who were super friendly and helpful which made our experience there rly wonderful☺️

Thanks bestie for the amazing food & company!! Love you loads💖😚💖

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10


📌Got Tunisian while my bestie got European!!

🥫Not gonna lie, was expecting rly mediocre all day bfast kinda dishes but I guess I’m pleasantly surprised!! The shakshouka was pretty spicy as compared to the ones I’ve tried and the eggs were perfectly cooked, egg yolk oozed nicely over the chorizo sausage.

🥓Tried a little bit of the European and the Hollandaise sauce wasn’t too cloying, brioche had a rly unique texture and flavour.

PORTIONS WERE HUGE LIKE hUgE!! Underestimated the portions so I got the $100 chope voucher instead of $50 oH GAwD noPE we couldnt even finish everything we ordered 😩

Damage: $24++ per main

“世界の朝食” シンガポールで世界の朝食が食べれるWild Honey。 実は2回目だけど、1回目は来星したばかりで右も左もわからず、自分がどっかの国の朝食を食べてる事すら知らずにいました。 今回はお友達と4人で4カ国をシェア。 左下(手前)から時計回りに 🇫🇷PARISIENNE $24 🇹🇳TUNISIAN $24 🇨🇦CANADIAN $20 🇧🇪BELGIAN $20 アイスコーヒーはコーヒーの氷にホットミルクを注ぐやつ。 大きめのポットでくるティーは全てTWG。 コーヒーが好きな方はリフィルフリーのコーヒーがお得。 どれも美味しかったけど、個人的にはパリジェンヌが一番好みでした。 厚めのブリオッシュフレンチトーストにハムが挟まっていて、その上に半熟目玉焼きとチーズフォンデュによく使われるというグリュイエールチーズがたっぷり。 サラダのドレッシングが甘みがあってすっごく美味しかったんだけど、エッグベネディクトによく使われるオランデソースだったみたい。 カナディアンのパンケーキも美味しかったな。 写真じゃわかりにくいけど、ソースの1つがハイビスカスベリーコンポートでメープルシロップとの相性抜群!更にベーコンと食べれば完璧な甘じょっぱいの完成。 世界の朝ごはんて昔(今もやってる?)週末の朝の番組でなかったでしたっけ? 奥さんが朝ごはん作って、旦那さんを起こしに行くやつ(笑) あれすごい好きでした。 #誰もそんなこと聞いてない #勝手に告白 #世界の朝ごはん #観るのも好きだけど食べるのはもっと好き #wildhoney #alldaybreakfast #breakfastoftheworld #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポール生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #シンガポール子育て #singaporeinsta #igsg #🇸🇬 #駐妻#sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodies#foodpics#burpple#sgfoodporn#eatoutsg
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For a lovely, sophisticated ambience and guarantee of good brunch quality, Wild Honey is the place for that. It was a busy Saturday afternoon at lunch time, but thankfully I had reserved a place using the Chope app so zero waiting time for tables. With the crowd, it was difficult to get the attention of the staff, but I really did appreciate the waitresses' stellar customer service in spite of that. I had the Tunisian, the vegetarian Shakshuka, which seems highly recommended on Burpple. I liked the fact that the brioche was thick and fluffy to fully absorb the tangy tomato and eggy stew. 🍞😛 I find the prices are actually pretty reasonable considering the big portions and cafe location. I'm excited to try the other menu options when I'm back here. 😊

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"Careful, the pan is hot" are words I like to hear. Immediately, I envision the dish being taken right off the fire or out of the oven to be brought straight to the customer. Surely, food doesn't get more freshly cooked than that. The "Tunisian" is a fine example. It wasn't my order but after sneaking a couple of bites, I wouldn't hesitate to have it in the future.
This substantial all-day-breakfast item has two eggs and slices of chorizos baked in a tangy, spicy "shakshouka" (it's essentially a stew made with chopped up tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and red chillies). Best way to do it justice is to tear off a chunk from the toasted brioche, swoosh it in the pan to break the egg yolks first, then use it to soak and scoop a hefty helping of the thickened deliciousness up to your mouth. Mmmmmmm.....