Chinatown Complex Food Centre

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Ann Chin Popiah (#02-112)

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Jin Ji's Teochew Braised Duck (mediocre except for the hip molten egg), Ann Chin's Popiah & China La Mian's Xiao Long Bao ($5.50 for 10 - yes anytime!)

Fortune Food just nails it every time with their consistency โ€“ a good balance of sweet and spicy, and the all-important crunchiness from toasted peanuts and crispy dough bits. And what's the point of going to Chinatown at night if I don't get beer? Smith Street Taps was closed, but the cheap swigs at On Tap aren't shabby too.

Yes, it's possible in Hawker Centres. What I had: Raw Fish Salad, Shared Half Chicken and Two Pieces of Popiah!

Tried Popiah from two different stalls at the same time. In the foreground is Ann Chin, which is more well-known. At the background is just a random new stall. Ann Chin was the better of the two.