Fuwa Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé

$16.80 · 7 Reviews

I knew I had to try this, considering how much I love eggs and mushrooms. The fluffy egg soufflé enclosing the mushroom rice is definitely an interesting concept, but apart from the novelty, taste-wise, this dish was rather disappointing. Beneath the topmost eggy layer is a foamy egg soup, concealing a small portion of mushroom rice mixture (would definitely not consider this risotto). The dish was tasty, but after getting hyped up by the cute exterior, it's interior was kind of a letdown. I'd revisit for the desserts though: the Matcha Soufflé was light and had a rich matcha flavour without being overly sweet. The French Toast with nuts, banana and whipped cream, drizzled with caramel sauce was also really enjoyable. Loved that it came in bite-size pieces so it was a great sharing dessert 😌


To simply put it, this is a mushroom risotto with a wobbly (in a good way!) soufflé on top. One of the better menu items we had a Hoshino, that was well balanced in taste, appropriately savory. Just that we found the risotto to be slightly dry and unevenly mixed (too much bacon on one side, none on the other). Maybe it's a one-off mistake, and I should revisit the place to try it again 😝

The fuwa fuwa hoshino soufflé is really nice! Must try!


Should rename it 'jelak' soufflé