Black Sesame Bingsu

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This is an overhyped korean dessert with more and more shops opening. Tbh it tastes like the normal snow ice desserts which existed in sg before this. But the ice shaved is much finer. Priced close to $20. I doubt i'd be going back anytime soon :x


That whole chunk of redbean, generous two layers black sesame and soy powder, need I say more. The best I had so far😍

Never get tired of bingsoo, and it always brings back memories of schooling in korea.

Bro wanted to try the oreo bingsoo this time round. But I think the black sesame bingsoo is still the ultimate winner in my heart. 아 빙수를 먹으면 행복해요~

There's no need to go all the way to Serangoon for Nunsongyee anymore as they have just opened another outlet at Tanjong Katong a few days ago! Touted as one of the best bingsu places in Singapore, it definitely lived up to its reputation and is my top two choices now for a bingsu craving. 5 of us shared the Injeolmi Bingsu ($14.90), Black Sesame Bingsu ($18.90) and a Honey Toast. At the end of it, we went home super satisfied. Using shaved milk, the Black Sesame Bingsu contains toasted almonds, black sesame, red bean and Korean rice cake. We were also told that all the ingredients were imported from Korea to maintain its authenticity. Definitely a sweet treat for people with a sweet tooth and a deserving one after a hard day's work. Thanks @torteckchiat for bringing us here and I will definitely come back again.

Very very few black sesame desserts are able to impress me and Im proud to say this is one of the unique few! My 2nd time eating a bingsu, this one other being refreshing like the melon bingsu in Chicken Up, every ingredient in it went perfect. Adding the milk gave a sweet taste to the shaved ice, rather than leaving it plain. In addition, the red bean and rice cakes itself werent overwhelmingly sweet so adding the milk brought optimal.sweetness to the entire bowl. Definitely worth a try for all black sesame lovers and those seeking unique alternatives.(Warning: It is advised to be shared btwn 2 ppl unless u have a natural big appetite like me 😉)
The honey butter toast tasted nearly good as shibuya toast. Adding rice cakes in it gives it a better texture to chew on, making this dish a sweet and palatable one! Worth a grab as well!
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Here is the Black Sesame and Injeolmi Bingsu that we had earlier. Have a cooling weekend ahead friends! #Burpple #cuisineparadiseeatout #bingsu

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Covered with black sesame powder, soybean rice cakes, almond and topped with a generous amount of red bean paste.

Love the strong taste of the black sesame that complement well with the thick sweet red bean paste and the crunchiness of the almonds just makes it even better in every bite. It is simply full of taste and texture within the bingsu.


their signature black sesame bingsu is made from shaven ice, chopped almonds, red beans and rice cakes. condensed milk was also served to customise the sweetness. the shaven ice is so soft and smooth, this is definitely a must try here.

🍧 : Black sesame bingsu • Injeolmi bingsu
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