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Featuring Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, Atlas Coffeehouse, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe, Two Bakers, Shop Wonderland, Nook & Cranny, Collective Brewers, Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (Upper Paya Lebar), Little Pancakes
Nat Ow
Nat Ow
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Nothing says "SHIOK" like a big plate of bouncy egg noodles coated in their special spicy black sauce, with a side of tender char siew.

You know it's good when you weren't that hungry, but end up finishing a big plate😋

And thank you Aunty Yvonne for the fried wantons! They were perfectly crisp, definitely gonna be back for more.

For this is where I know I'm home.

Cause where else would I be able to lim kopi and jiak wanton mee with my loved ones? 😋

Happy 51st birthday Singapore! And have a happy national day everyone!

You know your fam's bellies weren't satisfied with just dinner when everyone dug into their desserts before you could take a pic 😂

We opted for good ol' local desserts instead of waffles and icecream for a change.

Immediately knew what I was gonna order when I saw Honeydew sago on the menu. The auntie was generous with ingredients, and servings were pretty big too, with most desserts costing only $2. We might have walked in hungry, but definitely walked out with satisfied bellies😋

Whoever thought of drizzling salted egg yolk on charcoal waffles must have been a little crazy, but a whole lot of genius.

Really liked the Korean Strawberry and
Honeyscotch icecream! They tasted good just as they were, and even better when paired with the salted egg yolk sauce. I know what flavours I'm ordering when I come back here😋

Nothing says 'Friday night' like a night spent sharing stories, laughs, waffles and icecream with the people you love😊

We had the regular Belgium waffle topped with scoops of black sesame and salted caramel icecream.

The waffle was light on the inside, crispy on the outside, thick, fluffy and sweetened just the way I like it! The salted caramel had a good balance of sweet and salty, while we would've liked the black sesame to have a stronger sesame aroma. On a side note, I need to come to AMK Ave 10 more often. It's foodie paradise😍

What's better than having icecream at @creamier_sg?

Having icecream at Creamer before lunch and after dinner on the same day😆😂 We were really in an I-know-I-shouldnt-but-its-creamier situation, but ultimately gave in to temptation (without much hesitation haha!). This place still holds the no. 1 place in my heart for icecream and waffles, so how could I possibly say no? Unfortunately, it means I definitely can't say no to going to the gym tomorrow 😂

I don't know about buns, but Butter My Buns can slather my waffles with butter, truffle infused honey and a dollop of their vanilla soft serve anytime.

The Honey Truffle Waffle ($12) was a perfect compliment to a nice long catch-up. Waffle was crisp enough, soft serve was just a tad too sweet but not too icy, and just look at that shine from the truffle honey on the waffle! May be a bit jelat to have alone though, so I'm definitely glad to have a reliable friend to share all my waffles and burdens with😊 #burpple

Happy pork belly day!

No I'm not kidding, today really is samgyeopsal (삼겹살) day in Korea. Why the 3rd of March you ask? Samgyeopsal translates to three-layered fat, and hence falls on the 3rd day of the 3rd month. I don't know about you, but it sure is a great excuse to grill up some slabs of tender and juicy pork bellies. And I'm glad I could do it with a dear friend at my fave Korean barbecue place here😋 #burpple

When in doubt, burpple!😀 Was treading in the unfamiliar waters of Tiong Bahru today, so looked up @burpple.

Decided to try Hui Ji Fishball Noodles (#2-44) to satisfy my fishball noodle cravings, and wasn't let down! For only $3 (cheapest portion is$2.50, say what?!), you get a good amount of bouncy fishballs, fishcakes and lean pork on a bed of noodles. And the star of the show: the dark and strong soup, which I later realised while tossing through my noodles, got its salty kick from dried shrimps and preserved vegetables. Cheap and oh so satisfying😋 #Hawkerpedia #Burpple