Key Lime Tart

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Numerous layers of hojicha crepe painstakingly put together to form this structure with hojicha cream and azuki beans slathered in between, this tea-infused dessert might have just forced itself into second place, behind my favourite key lime tart.
Two Bakers
Address: 88, Horne Road, Singapore 209083


Key Lime Tart-crumbly, strong acidicc flavor but still has that sweetness to it. 4.25/5

When calories is not enough ~ in my opinion.. Haha.. I'm falling in love with the key lime tart.. So good, so nice, just like me.. Oops..
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Look no further if you want a cosy place that serves high-quality pastries and good coffee. Featured here are the Carrot Cake, Key Lime Tart, and Litchi Raspberry – all which I'd come back for again. The Litchi Raspberry and Key Lime Tart were absolutely smashing. #Burpproved


It's a pleasure to bring them out for desserts and coffee after dinner. :) nice environment with cool tarts and cakes!
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Lime tarts may be simple, but they are forever still one of my favourite flavours! This one ticked all the right boxes, being zesty and not overly sweet, having a good biscuit base that didn't crumble too easily and held the curd well without being soggy either! Better than your average lime tart - but the best part was how well they made the meringue/cream - so smooth and so silky!

One word, LOVE. This Key Lime Tart was crazy good and checks all the boxes! Crust was baked just right with a good thickness and the filling was so tangy that it tickles the palate. If you're like me and love sour flavored tarts, please give this a try. My eyes literally lit up when I had my first bite, no kidding! I adored the atmosphere in the cafe as well, no prizes to guessing if I'll be back!

As it was R's last day, she so kindly bought desserts for everyone!
Thanks R for the really pretty and delicious desserts 😋😋Wishing you all the best in your next job!

Trying my best to identify the sweet treats and reviewing those I have tried. Staring clockwise, we have:- Le Chocolate Noir (S$9.80, I call this chocolate dome): A dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut and feuilletine base, finished off with dark chocolate glaze. This is my fave the other time I had this, now it still is!
Key Lime Tart (S$7.80): With a Sablee Tart base, key lime curd and whipping cream.
Purple Gold (S$7.80): Lavander infused chocolate ganache, caramel ganache with chopped roasted almond and caramel tuile.
Mount Fuji (S$8): Chocolate Sablee tart base, with matcha white chocolate ganache, filled with azuki beans and topped with finishing cream. I like the matcha mousse which is smooth and not overly sweet, but felt that they could have been more light-hand with the whip cream.
Seasonal Fruit Tart (S$8.80): Sablee tart base, vanilla mascarpone cream with fruits.
Yuzu Lemon Tart (S$7.80): Sablee tart base with yuzu lemon curd. Love the light,tangy lemon curd which is just right. Suitable for those who doesn't like too sweet tart.
Not too sure what's the heart shaped tart though. Might have been a seasonal flavour I guess.

Craving for the "W" cake with hazelnut dacquoise, rose cream, berries and a slab of watermelon in the middle. The watermelon core was quite surprising (for someone who obviously doesn't bother to read descriptions) and overall this cake is super refreshing and aromatic with the rose cream. The Key Lime Tart is perfect for those who like sour notes. >.