72-hour Slow-cooked Angus Beef Short Ribs Skewers

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I'm a sucker for beef and foie gras so the Wagyu and Foie Gras Don ($22) was naturally my choice when ordering from Burning Oak. The wagyu beef slices were not fantastic, tho it was on the tender side. I was impressed by the generous portion of foie gras and it was butter in my mouth with a slight charred on the exterior.

This time we also got a 72 Hours Beef Short Rib ($6). It was so tender, juicy and literally melt in your mouth. It has a deep strong beefy taste and slight oakiness that is probably the result of the long sous vide cooking time. Very much enjoyed this but would prefer to have it without the sauce.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Very, very tender.

Super beefy as well and crispy on the outside. The only problem is the funky sauce that really throws everything off. Request for it without sauce

Comes in cubes on a stick. Looks pretty plain. Despite the dry-looking outer appearance, the tenderness following the little crust from the slightly burnt exterior completes the taste of this beef skewer. Beef taste is not over-powering, good enough to eat even without the sauce.


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No queue on a weekday evening. This stall uses a wireless paging system. So, even if there's a queue, you don't have to stand there physically.

My hub tried the skewers said they are good and are worth every cent!


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Set up by Temasek Polytechnic Culinary & Catering Management alumnus Jeremy Han, this hip yakitori stall in The Bedok Marketplace is gaining a reputation for its amazing wagyu beef dishes. Prior to setting up shop, Jeremy honed his chops in fine-dining kitchens including Saint Pierre and the defunct FiftyThree. If it's your first time here, get the Truffle Wagyu Donburi ($16), which Tastemaker Amanda Liu says will hit the spot for beef bowl cravings. Expect a bowl filled with rice (almost to the brim), topped with perfectly seared Tokyo-style braised wagyu, minced beef and a perfect onsen egg. Order the 72-Hour Slow-Cooked Angus Beef Short Ribs Skewers ($6/stick) on the side — while pricey, this is tender, smoky and absolutely yummy. You might also want to share an a la carte order of Iberico Pork Cheeks ($12), which is melt-in-the-mouth soft. Tastemaker Amanda warns that the portion sizes here are rather generous, so either come hungry or bring a friend. Waiting time can get painfully long especially during peak meal hours, so you've been warned.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Amanda Liu

Have been waiting to strike this off my wishlist for a long while. Though the waiting time was 25min, it was totally worth it. The wagyu was tender and perfectly cooked while the pork cheek simply melted in my mouth. Miso soup was a little too salty. As for the short ribs skewer, its tenderness definitely made it one of the stars and most ordered dishes of the night.
Going to return for the foie gras next:)

They have large blowers to keep the whole place cool which was extremely useful in our weather.
The whole purpose of visiting Bedok Market Place was to try out Burning Oak. Besides the don which was super delicious, we also ordered the slow cooked pork cheek ($12) and the 72 hour short rib ($6 per skewer). They were very flavourful and definitely value for money.
A word of warning though, you would probably want to share these dishes. Otherwise you may find them too rich and fatty.
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Finally I Am here for their beef Short Ribs Skewers,tender juicy just little pricey but definitely worth a try :)

A fusion of Italian risotto and Japanese curry spices, all creamy and nice snugged under the golden bread crumbs! Of course not forgetting the 72 hrs short ribs skewer in the background which was all so :9... #croquette #risotto #hawker #yakitori #sgfoodie #foodphotography #sgeats #comfortfood #sgfood #affordableeats #burpple