Caramel Hazelnut

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Best tarts in S'pore.

As we were driving towards Far East, I saw Shaw Centre and told baby about Tarte. And so we walked over after I am done with nails.
Located along the quaint street corner of Shaw Centre, stood a pretty looking little shop featuring fresh and tantalizing tarts by Chef Cheryl Koh.
The shop has an elegant and minimalist appeal, with an array of tarts to choose from. Customers can either take-away or have their tarts served at next door Caveau Bar and enjoy their tarts in a cosy and sophisticated ambience over a coffee or tea.
I choose their signature Raspberry dark chocolate tart (S$9+). With dark chocolate aplenty and raspberry jam at the bottom + a nutty biscuit crust, topped with raspberries and gold foil, I really love that it's not overly sweet. Yummilicious!
Baby had another of their popular choice - Caramel Hazelnut tart (S$9+). I think this is too sweet for me, but baby loves this. I love the crunch of hazelnut but I thought it could be less sweet.
We really love our tarts and I think we will be back for more!

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The handmade pastry tart shell was a big win for me. This one was filled with chocolate feuillitine, creamy gooey caramel and large chunks of roasted hazelnuts. 9bucks/tart

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A tart(e) kind of day.

The bittersweet dark chocolate was a bit too rich for me (I usually prefer fruity desserts); the unexpectedly runny lemon curd, despite its distinct sharpness, was a teeny bit too sweet on the whole; the caramel hazelnut was sheer perfection with its luscious milk chocolate body studded with crunchy hazelnuts and sealed into place with sticky caramel.

The crisp, uber-thin pastry shells were all on point, of course.

This favourite of mine is incredibly fragrant and packs so much texture into every compact bite โ€“ there's the crisp, crumbly pastry, the crunch of coarsely chopped hazelnuts, the stickiness of caramel... And can I just say this lattermost is just stellar?! It's got that gorgeous glossy colour that's neither too light nor too dark, which is indication even before tasting that the flavour is neither too weak nor has it been taken too far that it's burnt and bitter; it's spot-on.


Caramel-coated Piedmont hazelnuts with a thin layer of milk chocolate & crunchy feuilletine encased in a light, buttery sweet pastry crust. Sooooo good!!!