Singapore Style Ramen

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A Noodle Story is no stranger to many by now. Now that Amoy Food Center is under renovation, the outlet has moved to the basement of Guoco Tower, where they’re sharing a stall’s premises with Ya Lor Braised Duck. While the duck rice stall is making pretty decent business, one can tell that most have come for A Noodle Story.

Priding themselves on their aesthetically presented fusion bowl of noodles, A Noodle Story’s main (and only) dish on the menu is named ‘Singapore Style Ramen’ to reinforce that very message. However, I’m inclined to not see it as a fusion dish as it’s more of a combination of very segmented elements together. Fusion wasn’t in its flavour, rather, a literal fusion of Singapore style wanton yellow noodles paired together with ingredients that you’d usually find in ramen — flavoured egg, cha shu, and an ebi this time because their Idaho potato-wrapped prawn was not available (sadly). I personally did not know what to expect in terms of taste other than a very beautiful noodles, but I was a little disappointed to know that it was a simple combination of Singapore noodles + ramen ingredients.

What truly wow-ed me was their wonderfully executed ingredients. First off, Cha Shu was amazingly melt in your mouth tender, and for $10.80 at a regular bowl, it was a pretty decent portion. Replacing the Idaho potato-wrapped prawn was a fried ebi that was so crispy. The flavoured egg blew my mind. Yolk was runny, whole egg was so flavourful, I was upset that I didn’t add one more to my bowl. My favorite ingredient was however, the prawn wantons (unfortunately not pictured) which were served in a bowl of soup on the side. 2 prawn wantons were served with a regular portion, and these 2 juicy, plump, wantons made me regret not getting a whole bowl of wanton soup on its own (it costs $6 for a bowl of soup!).

Ultimately, the Singapore Style Ramen was to me a mashing up of decent quintessential Singaporean sauces up yellow noodles with a couple of premium, amazingly well-executed ingredients. Both aspects of the noodles and the ingredients felt separated to me in terms of flavour, so this fusion bowl of noodles is more in terms of putting different elements together. That being said, I love Singapore noodles and I adore the ingredients here so much that I’d come back for it.

P.S. I think getting the large bowl at $13.80 may be more worth it than the regular bowl with the greater portion of ingredients!


Awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand and multiple F&B accolades, A Noodle Story is famed for their Singapore Style Ramen ($10.80/$13.80) which comes with a bowl of wanton noodles that has been tossed in the signature sauce, braised pork belly char siew, the iconic Idaho potato-wrapped prawn, whole hot spring egg and a bowl of shrimp wanton soup.

Every single ingredient has been meticulously thought of such as the handmade wantons that are filled with freshly minced pork and chunks of prawns that have been seasoned with sesame oil and ginger juice, while the premium pork belly is slow braised for 36 hours in a soy sauce marinate and the strips of Idaho potatoes are wrapped around a prawn and deep-fried till crisp. Even down to the noodle which is tossed in a blend of dark soya sauce, roasted dried shrimps and dried seaweed for umami-ness.
✨ A Noodle Story
📍 1 Wallich Street, Guoco Tower, B2-32, Singapore 078881
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Incorporating elements of Japanese ramen into wanton noodles and creating a Singapore Style Ramen
Consists of ramen charshu (Japanese pork cooked in a sous vide machine for 36 hours), onsen egg, hong kong noodles, potato wrapped prawns and wantons filled with prawns and crushed dried flatfish

Prices have steadily gone up with the small bowl now priced $2 higher than when we first visited in 2017. This one of a kind Singapore Style Ramen has a generous serving of delicious ingredients. Everything is well-executed - the QQ noodles, tender cha-su, crispy potato-wrapped prawn, onsen egg, and fresh prawn dumplings. Would frequent this more and give a higher rating if not for the long queues and relatively steep price (for hawker standards). But definitely worth a try if you’ve never had it before!

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I like how the chef puts in the effort to plate every single bowl of noodles before serving it to their customers. Although they call this ramen, the noodles used are actually mee kia / wonton noodles without a strong alkaline taste. Think of this as an upgraded version of wonton mee.

Each bowl of al-dente and springy noodles comes with meltingly tender cha-su, crispy potato wrapped prawn, HK-style wonton, onsen egg, springy noodles and freshly sliced scallions then tossed in their homemade sauce made from sambal and dried shrimps for the flavour 》$9/small

Maybe all the reviews increased my expectations for this bowl of noodle. Everything didn’t blend together and each components were on its own. For me, I like the feeling of mixing everything and still taste all ingredients together, something like bak chor mee but this doesn’t feel the same. For its price, I think it’s a tad too expensive given in a hawker centre.

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Finally tried it after asking around about it.
The noodle texture is like HK noodle, its thin and qiu qiu, served with HK Shrimp wanton,Tender cha su and crispy potato wrapped prawn.
💰$9 for small.
📍A Noodle Story.
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39.

Singapore Style Ramen, $9/$12/$16 from 𝐀 𝐍𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 ⠀

📍7 Maxwell Rd, Amoy Street Food Centre, unit 01-39, S 069111⠀
⏰ Mom-Fri:11.15am-2pm, 5.15-7pm /Sat:10.45am-1.15pm (They might close early if sold out so be there earlier)⠀

Another highly popular food stall in Amoy Street Food Centre. 𝐀 𝐍𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 was awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand, Hawker Top 100 and many more! It comes in 3 sizes, small $9, medium $12 and large $16. We ordered the small bowl for $9 and the bowl was filled with lots of different ingredients! A relatively good portion of noodles that’s very thin and springy, we felt it’s some sort like HK style wanton noodle. There also a half soy-flavoured hot spring egg, 2 huge and fat wantons stuffed with meat and prawns, a thin and amazing melt-in-your-mouth cha Siu and 2 tempura prawns(we would told that today it’s tempura prawns instead of their signature crispy potato-wrapped prawns, honestly we were a lil disappointed 😕 coz we came for that..) There’s also a small bowl of soup that’s pretty tasty and has a lil herbal taste to it, interesting! It was an enjoyable and interesting bowl of Singapore Style Dry Ramen 🍜 ! Highly recommended if you hadn’t try them! ⠀

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Singapore Style Ramen (S$12.20/ M)
Available at @ANoodleStory
Actually I was kind of surprised at the price. Sounded quite expensive for a bowl of noodle in hawker centre. Tasted not bad and quite filling. Wish the egg yolk was firmer. It simply flowed out like liquid when I cut it into half. Thick tender Japanese style char siew but still not quite melt in the mouth.

A Noodle Story
Address 🏡 : 7 Maxwell Road, # 01-39 Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 069 111
Open ⏰ :
Mon - Fri : 11.15am - 1.30pm, 5.15pm - 7pm
Sat : 11.30am - 1.15pm
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Note 📝 : delivery fee of S$13 so additional S$1.27

This bowl of noodles has dumplings, a ramen egg, pork slices and potato fritters. The noodles were tasty and I especially enjoyed the potato fritters which were still crispy after the journey back home.