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Marked yet another pandemic-filled year with pretty much a fanciful dinner at CUT by Wolfgang Puck since the dining partner was at liberty of choosing the spot to have the celebratory dinner of the year (last year’s affair was at Jaan by Kirk Westaway; just so if you want to ask) and that he has pretty much been raving about, and wanting for me to try out the steakhouse.

Here’s a list of dishes that we have had

1st photo: Bread Basket
2nd photo: Maryland Blue Crab Cake, Heirloom Tomato Relish, Basil Aioli
3rd photo: Brussels Sprouts, Iberico Pork Belly, Sesame Yuzu Aioli
4th photo: Japanese Pure Breed Wagyu Beef— Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Filet Mignon 170g
5th photo: Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Apple-Apricot "Moustarda"
6th photo: Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé

The meal did started off very well — was fairly impressed with the bread service and the dining partner requested for an extra serve of the Pao de Queijo, and I could see why. I had always been in love with these morsels of cheese bread that I might end up in Four Leaves to grab some when I am feeling peckish, but the ones here are so moist, so QQ and not overpoweringly cheesy; I would say it makes for even an ideal breakfast over a cup of black coffee whilst popping some of these down. Thought the Maryland Blue Crab Cake was decent; liked how it was well-filled with crab meat within without much fillers, though personally thought it was a little greasy and not as crisp I expected it to be. What’s crisp were the brussel sprouts in the Brussels Sprouts, Iberico Pork Belly, Sesame Yuzu Aioli — not particularly intimidating for a non-Brussels Sprouts lover for how much of the “green” bitter notes were cut by the pork belly and the aioli, though I personally felt that the aioli was a tad heavy for a side that could have been more refreshing against the meaty dishes if served without. The dining partner went all out with his order of the Japanese Pure Breed Wagyu Beef, but the Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Apple-Apricot "Moustarda" is the one to go for those who want to cheap out; either that or just want a non-beef option without missing the fun. Chef recommends medium-well for the doneness of the pork chop. It’s thick, and comes grilled the same way that the beef is done here — done from the extra crusty exterior to that tender flesh that is almost akin to slicing through butter; so juicy without being especially fatty, and yet so much flavour from the juices. The Apple-Apricot "Moustarda" does its magic; seemingly infused with horseradish(?), there is tinge of mustard-like earthiness that cuts through the meatiness so perfectly, yet a nice sweetness from the purée that is a classic, yet rarely seen combination (at least for local standards) of apple sauce and pork. No doubt a favourite of mine; so much I actually didn’t mind missing out on the beef anyway. By the time we were done with our mains, the Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé was something which landed us quite in a state of food coma; chocolate lovers will dig this — no doubt a pretty well-made soufflé, but it’s a fairly sweet and heavy ordeal that we thought we didn’t need after all that meat halfway through it.

While CUT by Wolfgang Puck does seem like a fine-dining establishment, service here does feel more like a fancy steakhouse — there are some details that weren’t very well looked into as compared to other fine dining establishments that we have tried; probably just slightly something above an average bistro which honestly could have been better given the price point we are entering into. That being said; quite glad that they do allow for walk-ins for a limited number of pax per day around their bar counter — otherwise I guess there wouldn’t be the opportunity for me to actually give them a go. To be fair, I probably wouldn’t mind shelling out a bit just to get the Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Apple-Apricot "Moustarda" to share in the future, though I wouldn’t probably try to end of the meal with the Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé considering how everything else is pretty heavy-tasting here.


Expectations tend to run higher when a great night out to mark a birthday is at stake (in this case, it was for my god-daughter/niece Yujun who turned 22). The restaurant has to have a winning hand of great food, fabulous drinks, comfortable ambience and impeccable service. That’s why I picked @cutbywolfgangpucksg. I knew we’d be in the excellent hands of Executive Chef @gregabess and his team.
Shortly after we had settled into our seats, warm cheesy gougère arrived. We all loved them but the birthday girl, most of all.
Setting the tone for the evening were the first two snacks which sent us over the moon. I could’ve inhaled three of those buttermilk chicken sliders - they’re real flavourbombs with jalapeño aioli, jalapeño slices, pickle and honey. Not to be outdone was the apple apricot compote-dotted pork belly braised with Chinese spices and glazed in hoisin - it melted like butter in the mouth. I washed them down with the refreshing gin-based “London Calling” cocktail.
When the bread basket arrived, I attempted to not scoff too much but it was hard. The olive ciabatta, onion focaccia and German pretzel were a formidable trio of temptation.
In order to taste more items, we shared the appetisers. I chose the Maryland Blue Crab Cake with heirloom tomato relish and basil aioli (Yujun is a fiend for crab so I knew it would be up her alley), the Big Eye Tuna Tartare in wasabi ginger, served with thin, spicy togarashi crisps (surprisingly, this turned out to be her favourite), the brightly herbaceous Vietnamese-Style Beef Carpaccio plated with crunchy beef tendon, nước mắm vinaigrette and holy basil (my favourite!), and the Asparagus with Poached Egg on thin toast with mushroom marmalade, a lipsmacking bacon vinaigrette and bacon slice.
What has always impressed me at CUT is the attention they pay to the smallest details. Like serving us hot plates to eat our main course off.
@kndherb used to rave to me about the Rotisserie Baby Chicken at CUT, and of course I’d eaten it before but it was particularly well executed that night - immensely juicy, tender and flavourful. And let’s not forget those meaty chanterelle mushrooms.
Usually, deciding on a steak at CUT isn’t an easy task as they offer a premium variety but since I’d been floored by the Snake River Farm (an American Wagyu) when we had it at @spagosingapore (yes, they serve it up there on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands too), I made a beeline for its Sirloin cut. Everyone heaped it with praises too.
The other red meat I selected was the juicy ColoradoLamb Chops. Like the steak, each piece was perfectly cooked, and although a mini jug of cucumber-mint raita arrived alongside, it also tasted perfectly fine on its own.
That’s not to say we didn’t have fun mixing and matching the assorted sauces and condiments with our meats.
In all frankness, the side dishes deserve top billing. I was most smittened by the Tempura Onion Rings - each thin ring was ethereally light yet really crunchy. Even though they look similar, no other Creamed Spinach comes close to the version here that’s crowned with an organic egg. Proving highly addictive as well were the Mac & Cheese and the ridiculously silky and buttery Yukon Gold Potato Purée (if you love mash, this is a must-order).
Thank you Chef Greg for sending us the Spring Peas. I adored this seasonal side dish for its sensational mix of fresh peas, pea purée, ragu of peas, runny-yolked eggs, bacon and perky pea tendrils.
Naturally there was cake since we were celebrating a birthday. I’ve had the moist chocolate beauty before and it was as scrumptious as I recall. The team helped to slice and present it with raspberry sorbet and a macaron for us to enjoy. Besides that, I ordered the Apple Butterscotch Crumble to share. Served warm with toasted almonds and Tahitian vanilla ice-cream, it was very well received by everyone too.
The petit fours we nibbled on with our tea and coffee at the end, were also exquisite in appearance and taste.


Nice creamy spinach served with fried organic egg to add an aroma and contradict the bitterness of the spinach. This is a side dish but highly recommend to compete your steak with the necessary greens.

The spinach is tempered with some spices that I couldn't place my finger on, but all in all absolutely delicious addition to your meal.

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If you are looking for an introduction to Cut but not yet ready to shell out too much, order this one!

It's 395gm of ribeye, Illinois corn fed, aged 21 days. I would recommend to order medium rare and enjoy the pink blush of the tender steak along with the crispy dark and spiced outer. The steak is served with 4 mustards and sea salt. Pick a sauce for $5++.

It'll be good to also order a side to get the greens on the plate. Check out next post for more on the creamed spinach.

This is good for 2 to share. If you want to order solo from this category you could do Fillet mignon for $80++

Do check out their special steak for the evening, that also might work for you.

After attending Mott32’s grand opening party at MBS, quite a few of us arrived at the same idea of hopping over to One-MICHELIN Starred CUT for a proper dinner.
I wasn’t that hungry by then because I had stuffed my face on quite a few canapés earlier, so a steak or main course would have been too much. What I did do though was zero in on the appetisers instead.
Shown above is the Steamed Mussels in White Wine ($25++). What I loved most about this was how small but juicy and flavourful the molluscs were (I have always found the large ones too rubbery for my liking personally). The broth had tarragon and shallots to thank for its lip-smacking worthiness. Served alongside were grilled baguettes that were meant to be dunked. Since they came pimped up with a rich bearnaise sauce, I guess technically, they didn’t go skinny-dipping 😜.


Slightly on the higher price point but it’s one place I would visit again. Impeccable service and the food is great ! Skip the extra sauce, skip the sides even for the meat itself it enough. Juicy, tender for even the smallest, cheapest cut of fillet mignon.

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I had a beautifully seared, 170g sirloin steak in medium rare. While the cut was average, the steak was cooked to perfection and soft throughout. CUT offers various sauces for your choosing — mustard, red wine, bearnaise and sweet/sour.

Fries had potato skins intact and were seasoned with sea salt. Very addictive.

I also chose broccolini as my side, and I enjoyed every bite. It was flavorful and the broccolini head was crisp.

Early cut menu comes with a starter, main, side and dessert for $95++. Available until 7pm!

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Hokkaido "Snow", Tomakomai, rib eye steak 170g

Awesome meal... delicious!


✨ I love how they served an assortment of bread to us instead of the usual basket of bread by the corner in most restaurants. The selection was amazing & thank you for giving me extras 🤤🤩🤩👏🏻⁣

✨ The beef steak certainly did not fail to impress & it was done perfectly. 👏🏻 I added a Maine lobster to my steak & it was a lovely addition to my main course. ⁣

✨ What really blew me away was the elegant bowl of white corn soup which looked so ordinary but it was the most flavorful corn 🌽 soup that I’ve ever tasted everrrr. Kudos to the chef for concocting this bowl of soup. 👏🏻👏🏻⁣

🍽 is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue B1-71 S(018972) ⁣

🕰 Opens daily (5.30pm-11.30pm)⁣

📝 This Early Cuts menu is available till 7.00pm and it’s $95++ per person.

Absolutely sublime. Expensive but worth every cent.