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Chao Ta (Burnt) Bee Hoon

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Supposedly their signature. I found it very ordinary. The crust might have been done very well, but the beehoon was limp and bland. Special shout-out for the lard.

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I actually spent my last last birthday meal there, so photos were from that dinner.
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At the right place at the right time, we da bao-ed at Yong Kee Seafood which only opens in the evening. The signature chao tar beehoon, was really a crispy beehoon pancake with pork lard, sprouts and green onions. Goes well with the sweet chilli sauce provided. The wuhua rou was to me the best of the takeaways: fried to perfection, the 5 spices blend forms the marination used as the batter for frying, which is eventually the delicious external crispy layer that surrounds the pork slices.

Along with deepfried crispy pork belly, sambal kangkong, fish slice bittergourd. Clearly over-ordered. And that's how we bid our weekends goodbye. Fruitful day nonetheless with unexpected discoveries today reliving childhood and adventures.
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While there are several renditions of this Chao Ta Bee Hoon ($6/$12/$18) from other stalls, this is by far one of the better ones around
Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant
Address: 43, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208804
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Shrimp Paste Chicken (from $10) and Cereal Squid (from $14) are just to compliment the main dish, Crispy Vermicelli Bee Hoon (from $6). The reason why I dragged my friends over.

Flavoursome bee hoon is pan-fried till it's charred on one side, but remain moist on the other side. You'll find ingredients like small prawns, squids and fish cake slices inside, finishing with bean sprouts and pork lard on top. I personally find it too crispy, as I prefer the moist bee hoon such as Johor's δΈ‰ζ₯Όη±³η²‰ but it's was worth trying!

While it may appear dry due to the crispy surface, it was actually well-balanced with right amount of moist! Furthermore, the panfried charred surface added a crunch to the usual bee hoon, so good!

Think, a saucer dish of beehoon about half an inch thick - one side sporting the most cracking crispy brown hide you'll ever see and upon plunging your chopsticks in, you discover an array of treasures; small prawns, fishcake and char siew amongst others interweaves between moist flavorsome beehoon on the other

What a catch!!! 😍😍😍 And it only gets better with the crunchy cubes of deep fried lard and blanched beansprouts over the top... nom nom

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This signature Chao Ta Beehoon's as good as it can get. Utterly flavourful and yummy. #burpple