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So Huyet Xao Toi (Cockles Stir-Fried With Garlic)

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This is the best Vietnamese food that I ever tried, the portion is really huge for me. They gave generously on the meat so if you are meat lover, you will love it ! And if you are si hum (cockles) lover like me, u may try the Vietnamese style cockles - Super nice.

Vietnamese friend introduced this cozy place and it has always been my go to restaurant when I passed by for lunch or dinner. Pho, grill pork rice, vermicelli with spring rolls and mixed with their fish sauce, cockles, Vietnamese coffee and salty lemonade are all time favorite! Highly recommended!

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Had this a while back. Looks like any other plate of stir fried cockles but these weren’t as bloody as our local version and was fried thoroughly with lots of garlic and pork lard. It’s sinful but fragrant and savoury, and very easy to keep reaching in for more when the flavours are all so well soaked up. I still like our local zi char version but this was a nice change!


Ohhh, finally got the chance to try their cockles and damn, they’re worth getting your hands dirty for! It looks pretty normal, but there’s an oily, saucy pool at the bottom that’s full of garlicky, basily goodness. Even better is the crazy good pork lard that’s soaked all those flavours up and is perfect with the cockles. If you’re a cockle fan, this will be right up your alley.


Special combination beef pho ($9.90) with beef slices, brisket and meat balls. The clear broth was very light, with a slight sweetness. A simple tasty dish overall. Sadly didn't get to try the egg drop soup 'cos I was distracted and they cleared it away. The cockles fried with garlic, chilli and lard was interesting. But personally I like my see-hum bloodier, so I really prefer our local version. Also, it's kind of pricey at $7.50.


These come with generous doses of pork lard. They use a super tasty garlic base. It is almost always sold out by 8pm so get there early if you want to savour these babies.


Been craving it for the last 2 weeks. V wasn't into it so I ate most of it myself. Hidden within the pile of cockles were lovely deep fried cubes of pork lard coated with caramelized sugar and browned garlic bits. My mind kept saying "Stahp eating!" but as Selena Gomez would sing "the heart wants what it wants". I finally asked the waitress to please remove the plate when I'd devoured like 90% of it just so I don't feel so guilty. So haamful but oh so absolutely #yummy! #love #foodgasm