Honey Butter Toast

$12.90 ยท 4 Reviews

Honey butter toast, cheese toast, injeolmi toast, sounds delicious right? Unfortunately, the bread here is quite subpar. Honey butter toast was slightly too sweet with the caramel and vanilla ice cream. The cheese used in the toast was the milky, processed kind which was quite unpleasant. The best for me would have been the injeolmi toast, boosting a layer of chewy rice cake and a heaping of fragrant injeolmi powder.


Price: $12.90. Buttered toast topped with vanilla ice cream, honey, caramel, soy powder and almond flakes.

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The honey butter toast was awesome and the Injeolmi Bingsu was good as well!! As for the Choco banana, the banana really add to the flavour!


Didn't realise we ordered the most expensive toast there was on the menu ($12.90) but what a delight! Chewy rice cake between buttery crispy toast with ice cream on top, drizzled with honey (that tasted like caramel) for a sweet end to a good day.