Brioche French Toast

$16.00 · 13 Reviews

A little al fresco joint overlooking the Saddle Club's lush greenery and (literal) horseplay, only with the occasional smell of manure if you sit at the balcony. Fluffy toast and caramelised burnt banana served warm, topped with a sinful salted caramel & walnut ice cream to boot. Good stuff.

the french toast was a delight 🥰🥰🥰 the toast tasted relatively denser than what i was used to but it still managed to absorb all the goodness of the egg wash and whatever spices they threw in. loved the pecans and honeycombs as they gave the mouthful of toast such a nice crunch. only regrets abt this dish was that why can’t we have two scoops of ice cream instead? it tasted so amazing & i genuinely believe that they shld start selling ice cream too (or share their supplier with the world)

Brioche French Toast, $17. Delicious and soft Brioche French Toast paired with Burnt Bananas with Honeycomb, bits of pecans, 1 scoop of Salted Caramel ice cream with almonds before drizzling coconut caramel all over it! The combination is so shiok and sweet!! Happy sweet brunch on a mid week!

Located at 51 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286965. Brioche French Toast, $17. Sunday Brunch back here again! This time round we try another of their favs.. Savoury & Sweet French Toast with Burnt Bananas, Pecan, Honeycomb Butter & Coconut Caramel! Yummy and sweet! Slurps! @riderscafe #hungryunicornsg #riderscafe #riderscafesg #frenchtoast #briochefrenchtoast

I am not a fan of bananas due to its texture.. but the burnt banana was neither too moist nor soft, and made a good combi with the savory bacon which had a contrast in texture as well. (This is my second time having bacon in a sweet dish, subsequent to the Maple bacon teacake at ShopWonderland, and I am not disappointed both times)
Brioche is my favorite choice when it comes to french toast. Because it is softer, and tastes creamier and richer than sandwich bread😋
Nice place as we could visit the stables after having our brunch.. as well as see some kids horse-riding🏇 (the smell was quite strong.. even in the cafe😛)


Located on the saddles club. Shoukd get a taxi/own car to reach if you dont want to walk 20 mins from the nearest station. Came in with the smell of bacon oozing around, in addition to the morning breeze

Brioche french toast +Bacon ($20)-drenched in syrup, quite cinamonny, a bit soggy, comes with additional butter for extta grease :3 4/5


The main catch was the caramelized 🍌 - absolutely crunchy on the exterior and moist and soft on the inside. Coupled with a refreshing {Boston Ice Tea} to beat the heat. .
📍51 Fairways Drive Singapore

4.5 munchies: High-quality, soft and puffy brioche French toast served with burnt bananas, chunky bacon, and honeycomb butter. The star element of the dish was the caramelised bananas – perfect crunch on the outside and moist and soft on the inside. I absolutely loved the balance of sweetness and saltiness in this classic breakfast!

Brioche French toast with brûléed bananas, bacon and honeycomb butter! $18! Heavenly on the first bite, then gets a little gelat after awhile. Perfect for sweet tooths though! :)