Teppei Kaisendon

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Got this to go from the Teppei Daidokoro at Timbre+ - mostly because it was convenient and you can't really go wrong with a Teppei bowl. The salmon, tuna, scallop and some kind of whelky shell fish was very well seasoned, actually borderline too salty - but nice. All this sat on a bed of seaweed and Japanese rice and topped with ikura.

Not bad and very convenient, but for the price - I think I like Syokudo and the make-your-own a little better.


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While the rice may not be what i wanted, the sheer amount of sashimi in the bowl is enough to satisfy me.

Couldn't resist this.. Look at those juicy salmon roe! Yums..and those yummy pieces of salmon and tuna.. This is really something to die for.

However I still prefer the one I had in the tanjong pagar branch.. Even though the salmon here is better (I think my previous visit was just a bad day), the flavours, the tuna, the swordfish and the wasabi is better in the TP branch.. Still I'd eat this again :) #burpple #chirashi #timbreplus #teppei

Grated wasabi, heaps of Ikura and sashimi. Nothing much to say really, except that Teppei never disappoints.

Wong kee's beef brisket spinach noodles ($5.50) -- The tender beef brisket complemented the spinach noodles soooo well!

Two Wings' salted egg wings ($8.90) -- These mouth watering-looking wings didn't really turn out as appetising as we thought they looked as the salted egg fragrance was barely existent upon a tad greasy fried chicken.

Teppei Daidokoro's Kaisen don ($16) -- Think fresh chunks of salmon, tuna, swordfish, scallop & salmon roe over Japanese rice.. Doubt anyone can resist this colourful bowl of goodness!

The World is Flat's Fat Samurai Pizza ($9) -- This awesome Japanese mess is overloaded with bacon, prawns, duck confit, burnt confit onions, roasted cabbage, beef, balsamic okinomayaki sauce, konbu mayo & crispy bonito flakes all held together by umami mozzarella & smoked brie. Slurps!

Oh oh, look at dem glistening balls of goodness!
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Generous chunks of lightly marinated salmon, tuna, swordfish, scallop and salmon roe over Japanese rice. You know you want this.

Taste: 3.5/5


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4. Kaisendon from @teppeidaidokoro $16
Awesome lunch with awesome foodies 😘😍💪👍

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Fresh pieces of fish with huge chunks of salmon! I found the seasoning too salty though and didn't like the wasabi which had a plastic taste. Still, overall a satisfying meal at only $16!