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From the Burpple community

福州世祖胡椒饼 at Raohe Night Market’s one of many street food stalls in Taipei to be listed on the Michelin guide, and has always been a must-eat every time I’m there. You can’t miss the store: it’s at the entrance/exit (depending on where you enter from) to the market right next to the temple, marked by a snaking queue every night. These lovely buns are made fresh right in front of our eyes, then cooked in a charcoal-fired brick oven to order, so you can be assured that each bun’s piping hot when they get to you. And when you bite into them, mmmm heaven. A crisp base, thin and fluffy skin, and a chock full of juicy, peppery pork filling. Ain’t much I can say ‘cept you gotta eat this damn bun; you won’t regret it.


Pretty much the same kind of food everywhere plus very heaty/oily. The very famous Pepper bun located at the front of raohe street night market is one of the must try. so i queued and the first bite of the piping hot pepper bun was actually unamusing 😰😓 crust was nice and got a sweet aftertaste but the fillings neither have spring onion or meat fragrance which was disappointing as i saw lots of spring onion being added in the filling. only a hint of peppery taste which tasted like fuzhou fishball. it’s best to eat it while it’s hot, the meat will be juicier. but still, it’s not worth to queue or go all the way there just to eat this. #jxeatstravel

Remembered it to be much more fragrant and with more filling many years back, but it still came piping hot and cooked in that cool traditional charcoal oven (and we queued for 2 min) so all's good.

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The endless stream of people lining up for these goodies is testament to its quality! Freshly baked and piping hot, these pepper pork buns have the crispiest exterior with layers of flaky texture. Within it is its juicy marinated meat and green onions bursting with peppery flavour.

The best version of pepper pork bun 胡椒饼 I've had since coming to Taipei! Look @jazreeltan this was so good!!! :)