Sweet and intense dark chocolate soy milk just the way i love it as a drink! The pudding at the bottom gives the drink another dimension of texture when drink it together!

This black tea have much more โ€œpresenceโ€ than their earl grey ones! However, the buttery taste from the scottish biscuit still wins at the flavour run in my tongue.

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Always love the strong fragance from the teas at TWG and hence i have high hopes on their shortbread. But nope! Their earl grey flavour here is definitely not enough even though the looks of the cookie seems full of flavour. I can only taste the buttery shortbread which overpower the hint of earl grey that is presence in the shortbread.

Waffle is made with sourdough waffle which give the chewy texture but they managed to maintain that chewiness and give the waffle a crispy outer texture. Love it!

The speculoos ice cream on other hand is a disappointment. There is zero sweetness to what we are looking for in the scoop. I can only taste the orero crumble from the whole ice cream.

This is a total waste of money. Fries is soggy and the cheese sauce is not something that i love. Itโ€™s definitely a different flavour from the usual nachos cheese but not to my liking.

The OG Cheeseburger topped with cherry pepper and applewood smoked bacon. Really love their thin-crisp bacon here! Savoury thin crispy bacon really adds alot of flavour and texture to the burger itself. However, the patty itself was a slight disappointment as it was not as juicy as their competitor at Plaza Sing.

Huge and juicy portobello mushroom coated in thin layer and deep fried till super crispy! The crispy layer is so thin that the stuffed cheese inside dripped out of it when i ate until halfway thru. Potato bun definitely enhance the burger flavour and texture. Simple combination that deserve a shoutout!

Bowl of mix salad drizzled with olive oil dressing and topped with brown charred chicken. The dish come with a huge baked dough puff with garlic spread. The spread is quite garlicky and prominent garlic small after pulling it open. Not too sure if i need to cut open the puff and eat this together with chicken salad bowl but is definitey a average piece of dish with more than usual generous present!

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Sweet mix of chocolate and peanut butter fillings to get the best of both worlds. A well balance of both flavour that can be tasted distinctively. Nevertheless, the OG oreo cookie is still everyoneโ€™s childhood best cookie ever!

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Apparently, this is one of the most talk about satay in town. Hainease style satay that was grilled over low fire for a longer time. Dipping sauce did not taste like the usual peanut sauce and it was given to us cold. Definitely a turn-off for me. Missy here prefer those good-old satay grilled over blazing fire with super โ€œgaoโ€ peanuty sauce.


Said to be inspired by the cooking style of teochew fish porridge and steamed pomfret. The soup has got a good mix of ingredients like barramundi, nuts, kiam chye and tofu. However, i did not finish the soup as it was a tad too salty to my liking

Once again, another good creation from Milksha! Love how the houjicha flavour is not overpowered by the sweetness but a balanced taste. Jelly is soft and glides down smoothly down my throat without the need to chew.

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