Great ambience, went for sat lunch at 12.30. Beef was worth it with burrple one-for-one, paid 41/= for two ribeye and one glass onion fries. Value for $!

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1st time at this spot and it's already an unpleasant dining experience... Doubt I'll return ever.

Got allocated a seat upstairs despite making a reservation and to my horror there was a malay family, about 20 pax, gathering around the stairway and waiting to be seated by the staff. Staff did not even bother to space us out and allocated us a table in close proximity to them, which I discovered afterwards could be that they probably didn't want to switch on another aircon. Diners were intermingling between tables and staffs did not say anything.

For this sort of service standard, why am i paying service charge? What sort of service is there if I need to climb up and down to place my order and having to endure such a chaotic dining environment?

Plenty of space in the store, paid $25 nett for two bowls of salmon ikura, this portion would have been too small for usual price at $25.. Would have preferred rice to be less warm since the salmon and ikura were cold. Pls improve on your service and hygiene level... staff had to take customer's phone to copy burpple redemption code, shouldn't this be avoided during this sensitive period...

Ordered the scallop and salmon mentaiko, didn't expect it to be a set meal. Comes w a don (6-8 salmon slices and 2 avg sized scallops), salad and miso soup, value for money! Would prefer my salmon less cooked but still delicious. One of those hole in the wall eatery in sunshine plaza.

Tasted authentic and value for money, excellent portion. However it wasn't made clear that all beef dishes are not available for burpple one for one redemption. It was available when I went previously