This was such a wholesome and delicious bowl of noodles! The noodles were springy and generously portioned, and the vegetables all tasted clean, fresh and crunchy. The chilli is quite spicy and they only provide a little upon request. The staff there were super friendly as well. A pity it’ll be closing end May since their farm is closing :( will savour it while it’s still around!

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This is HUGE, larger than the size of my palm! True to its name, the exterior is crispy and pretty thin, considering the amount of filling inside.

The puff was warm when served, and the crust is so fragrant and buttery without feeling too greasy. The consistency of the filling was perfect as well, more like a curry paste with potato instead of potato chunks. I would have preferred the curry to be spicier with a larger slice of egg. Not sure if it’s just the piece I took, but there was only a small piece of chicken inside :(

Would have to say that they take pride in ensuring that the puffs are in perfect condition before serving. The lady serving me was shifting one piece away from the rest and when asked, she replied me that it’s not good enough to serve. That curry puff had one area of the skin that was slightly more brown (not even charred). I honestly wouldn’t have minded but kudos to them for their high standards!

Frankly this is not the best curry puff I’ve had, but it’s definitely one of the better one, do give it a try!

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This place never disappoints :’) perfectly cooked soba with the umami soup just hits the spot every time. The prawn tempura was amazing as well, with the prawn retaining its own crunch and when paired with the light crispy batter 🤤 be prepared to wait though but it’s so worth the wait!

Ordered the waffles with 3 scoops of ice cream (strawberry basil, milk and cookie, smoked cheese). The waffle was so delicious, perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The ice cream on the other hand was pretty average :( the strawberry basil had more a sorbet texture, and was pretty refreshing but nothing special. The milk and cookie had the cookie separated from the ice cream, but still deliciously creamy (my fav of the 3). The smoked cheese flavour was… interesting. Tasted a little meaty and tasted weirder the more I ate it. An acquired taste for sure.

Ordered their Kaya Toast with Butter ($3.40), Kopi C ($2.60) and added on soft boiled eggs ($2.30) for breakfast. Wanted to try their Curry Chicken but was unfortunately sold out and it was on nearly everyone’s table. Their toast was nicely toasted and spread with a generic tasting kaya. They were pretty generous with the butter and the eggs were perfectly cooked. The coffee was a little on the bland side. No GST and service charge, but I don’t think I’ll return as the service was quite bad and food was overpriced.

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Came by during lunch hours and despite it being a busy spot, service was prompt with consistent water refills and food also arrived quite quickly!

Can understand why it’s so popular after taking my first bite. The beef was so tender as they used Tenderloin (haha) and the wafu salad was so appetising when paired along with the beef. Even the grilled asparagus was perfectly executed and so juicy. Will definitely be back to try more of their Japanese-inspired food!


At 8pm, it’s one of the few healthier options that are still open in Amoy. Had this fish soup from Rong Teochew Fish Porridge on level 1. Soup was lightly flavoured, and fish slices were thick and fresh. For an additional $2 added for fish maw, there were only 2 pieces in the soup, which I remember used to be more in the past… Still a nice comforting meal at night.


Got overly excited and ordered 1.3kg worth of Mala for 2pax ($30). Place was pretty crowded even on a Saturday night, so be prepared to wait! Queued for around 20mins and waited another 15mins for the food to be prepared. Requested for the fried items to be separated as I heard the staff mention to another customer that fried stuff is combined together with the rest by default, even in soups.

Received the bowl of mala pipping hot, and everything perfectly cooked. Noodles were still springy and soaked in the sauce, and even the broccoli retained the right amount of crunch. Special shoutout to the fried fish which was so thick and juicy! Never really ordered fish in other mala places as the fish just breaks apart and ends up in the oil puddle at the bottom of the bowl. Unfortunately the lotus root and potato was a little under-fried, so it was still a bit soggy and soft in some pieces. But for those that were perfectly fried, it was glorious. I loved the scrambled eggs, which paired so perfectly with the spicy noodles. Do get 3 eggs or more if you’re sharing with others as I only ordered 2 and regretted my decision bc it’s not enough!

Ordered their Thai Milk Tea and Green Milk Tea which was the drink on everyone’s table. Opted for less ice, which requires a top-up of $0.50, adding up to $3 a cup. Their drinks were not too sweet and quite gau, definitely removed some heat from the mala!

One small con would be tray return area, where customers would pour their leftover dry mala and soup in one container which looked quite revolting after a full meal.

After my first experience, would definitely return although it’s pretty pricey. Would say that it’s one of the most unique mala stall I’ve tried so far. There was also a box of tissue on every table which was a really nice touch.


The dumplings were all so plump and juicy! The chilli oil really packed a punch and was numbing as well. At $5, you get 12 deliciously huge dumplings, definitely a good deal!


Visited on a friday night and waiting time was around 30mins! Prata was crispy at the edges and really fluffy on the inside, and onions were well cooked with just the right amount of sweetness and crunch. Dig in while it’s still hot as the crispiness turns to sogginess in a matter of a few minutes, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the prata till the end. Personally felt that the plain prata was more delicious as it retained more of the signature crispiness.

Only issue I had with Enaq is that the curry is really too watery 😫 I love my fish curry gao and spicy but this just doesn’t deliver.


Been awhile since my last visit and I’m so pleased that the service and quality of food is still as good as I remembered! My favourite is definitely the Soy Chicken, which is perfectly marinated and tender. Their kimchi was pretty delicious as well, yummy as is or grilled over the charcoal. Servers are attentive and frequently change the grill for us, and refills came promptly. As it is a pretty popular spot, be prepared to wait a little despite making a reservation. Made a reservation at 6.30pm and only started eating around 7pm!


Went in as it looked relatively empty at 11.45am on a Saturday but still had to wait ~45mins for the food to arrive. Thankfully, food came delicious and pipping hot.

Ordered the Gyu Teriyaki ($18++) lunch set and it came with rice and soup (was informed that they no longer served fruit). Meat was perfectly medium rare as requested and sooo juicy. My only gripe is that the meat is on the thin side, but still pretty value for money. There was a thin batter on the beef, and it wasn’t really crispy and got soggy with the salad’s sauce on the side. But it doesn’t really affect the taste too much and still delicious! Requested for the teriyaki sauce on the side, and I’m so glad I did that as I preferred the meat without the sauce.

My partner ordered the Nabeyaki Udon ($18++) and it was delicious as well, served with a fried ebi and salmon on the top. Soup was pipping hot, full of umami and really warming to the soul. Honestly could’t decide which dish I liked better!

I would definitely return again but only go over if you’re prepared to wait! It seemed like many waited for a long time for their food to be served.