This was so comforting after a long and busy work week. I wish I wasn't so stuffed so I can eat more. The grains of rice weren't mushy and the bird's nest had a nice bite. I never complain about having lots of bird's nest because they're supposed to be great for skin and for soothing the throat. #yummy #foodporn #foodstagram

Tender and flavourful without being excessively peppery or gamey, I polished off every little morsel from the plate. #yummy #foodporn #foodstagram

This is seriously amazeballs! Loved the silky egg custard that had an umami-rich flavour that made me think of it as a delicate prawn noodle stock-infused steamed egg. Am I gushing? #yummy #foodporn #burpple

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Eggs Benedict for MB and Prawn Aglio Olio for carb-obsessed moi. The food was pretty decent but that was more than made up for by the beautiful view of the different shades of blue and green in the sea on a sunny afternoon. #SGFoodies #burpple #foodstagram

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ๅ››ๅทๆฐด็…ฎ้ฑผ็‰‡ Sichuan Poached Sliced Mandarin Fish in Chili Oil from Avenue Joffre at RWS. Tender, sweet slices of fish poached in a hot and spicy chili oil, Sichuan peppercorn and dried chili-laden broth that had an intensely nutty fragrance of toasted sesame oil. This is worth making a trip to Sentosa for! #foodgasm #yummy #sgfood

I love this place but somehow, this evening's broth didn't taste as rich as the one I had just before CNY. Hope it's just a fluke. #hotpot #sgfood #burpple

I had to have little sips of 2 #cocktails from the selection of 4 traditional Italian Cocktails during The Aperitivo Tradition at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. I picked the refreshingly light Aperol Spritz & sweet Bellini, a perfect end to a tiring day. #yummy #burpple

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Available at S$55++ per adult from 6.30 - 8.30 pm on Wednesdays & Thursdays, enjoy unlimited servings of traditional Italian antipasti and free flow of beverages with a choice of 4 classic Italian Cocktails, 2 Italian White Wines & 2 Italian Red Wines.
Here's my platter of delectable Antipasti: Ibรฉrico Chorizo on Toast with Pickled Onion, Tomato Bruschetta, Hickory Smoked Salmon with Caviar Cream served on Dill Potato, Prosciutto Melon with White Balsamic Jelly, Grilled Vegetables, Pickles & Olives. It may not look like much but it made for a pretty substantial meal especially when accompanied with an assortment of fine cheese (not shown in this photo). #yummy #SGFoodies #burpple

Couldn't resist putting my jar of Salted Egg Yolk Cookies next to them - thanks again, @jazpster! Thanks, @bing_leow & @kblokbergen, for hosting us at your lovely home and for the awesome spread. Loved playing with the 3 little ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ! #SGFoodies #burpple

Chockful of ingredients and flavourful, this umami-rich dish was made even more satisfying with a generous sprinkling of browned pork lard. If you're dining with a fairly large group, do ask the chefs for a portion (subject to availability of ingredients). Thanks @kopikosonggirl & @keropokman for this #yummy belated dinner treat! #sgfood #burpple

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