Got their mixed soft serve (matcha and vanilla) and it’s not bad for the price. As it is a soft serve, it melts very quickly. Fortunately, they provided spoons so you can eat the soft serve so it won’t be too messy. Soft serve tastes creamy. Matcha taste can afford to be stronger as the vanilla tastes slightly more overpowering. Waiting time here is pretty decent, not too long. Rating: 3.5/5.

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This is perfect for a rainy day where you just want some comfort food. The soup is soooo flavourful, and there is a variety of ingredients that you can choose from. My go-to choices are luncheon meat, taupok, beancurd skin, fish roe dumplings and others.

This set costs $19.80, which is quite worth it with the 1 for 1 deal. It comes with 2 rice bowls, 2 miso soup, 1 fried chicken skin and 2 bottles of plain water. The ebi is quite nice and not too floury. However we find that the rice is a bit too wet for our liking. Chicken skin is pretty nice too. Overall a very good deal!

If you are not a fan of matcha lattes because you are afraid of bitterness, this would be perfect for you. The hojicha syrup adds sweetness to the drink. Matcha + hojicha gives you the best of both worlds! The only bad thing about this is that there’s really a long queue you’re restricted to 1 hour of dining, so you can’t really chill there.

Perfect Comfort food. It comes with ingredients such as prawn, pork, bitter gourd, meat tenders, beancurd etc. Eating this always leaves me satisfied, and the uncles and aunties have great service too. If you think the portion is too small, you can upsize to the $5.90 bowl, or get their set with chicken wing which is $6.30.

I love this bun! It has a layer of earl grey custard in it, with another layer of mochi. The mochi is chewy but not too chewy (just right) and complements the custard well. The only thing I didn’t like is that the bun is a bit dry. But the filling is good.

Ordered the regular ramen to try, and the broth is regular soy sauce. The price is definitely decent. Broth is slightly oily but still acceptable. Good thing about this place is that it’s halal certified. The ambience is good as well. They serve other interesting ramen such as daichi tomato ramen and even clams ramen.

Tried the hazelnut latte today and it’s not too bad. Slight layer of froth at the top of the drink. I prefer their sea salt caramel latte though as it is more unique.

Tried the pork gyozas and prawn gyozas. To be honest, the gyozas weren’t very mind-blowing. The gyozas can be crispier. The side dishes stole the show! Each set comes with 2 sides, and we tried the stir fried ginger pork (I really enjoyed this!) stir fried eggs with chives (normal), chicken nanban with tartar sauce (yummy but oily) and deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce (yummy!). Each set also comes with rice (you can select your portion) and soup (miso or vegetable). This is worth a try. Be ready to queue though!

Tried the Penang Hokkien mee prawn noodle from this stall. It’s $3 for the small bowl, which is very decently priced and so affordable. I like that the bean sprouts don’t taste very very raw. The soup is also very flavourful. They are also very generous with the other ingredients as well. Perfect for a cold weather!

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Got the izumo matcha fresh milk to try! This is good for people who likes matcha as it has the grainy powdery matcha texture with a tinge of bitterness. A bit pricey though.

The concept and price of this place is similar to Aston’s. Got their chargrill spicy chicken chop with homemade dynamite sauce and it’s pretty nice. The homemade sauce is not as spicy as I hope it would be, so it lacks a bit of kick, even though it states “fiery”. The chicken is however pretty tender. You can choose up to 2 sides, and I got the fries and mesclun salad. However, I would recommend their mash potato because it’s very very smooth and yummy, and also recommend sauté Brussels sprouts. Overall, price is very affordable, and ambience is not bad, and service staff were very friendly and welcoming.