Not cheap at all for a vegan dish. But this was 9/10 yummy, 10/10 for colour and variety. Unfortunately, my photo can’t quite encapsulate the myriad of ingredients on this plate - there were scrambled eggs on sourdough toast, baby spinach salad and broccolini for greens, charred tomatoes, grilled halloumi (👍🏼), 2 huge portobello mushrooms (👍🏼👍🏼) and half an avocado, thinly sliced. On the side, there was also beetroot bbq sauce that was tangy yet light and pretty much complemented everything. Ok la, although it ain’t cheap, serving size was large and made me feel very satisfied without feeling sinful or surfeiting. The last bite... was once again difficult. It was initially a tough battle between the juicy shroom and the runny scrambled eggs. Eventually, the shroom took the crown of being that last bite 😊

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I usually come to the sushi bar just for their chirashi don (seriously, this is the bomb, MUST ORDER). But this time, we decided to also order some extra sides to try and this dish was recommended on the menu so we went along with it. One of the better beef cubes I’ve had, maybe cos it’s wagyu, so the meat was a lot more tender and juicy. The sauce was a teriyaki sauce with notes of garlic infused and the crispy garlic chips were an absolute delight. Best to eat this hot though when it first arrives sizzling on your pan...!! 😋

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Pretty good lor mee with every ingredient done well. My favourite would undeniably be the fried meatballs. Wish I had added an extra dollar for additional meatballs! This is a family business and I saw each family member in charge of one ingredient while queuing. Actually it’s quite laborious just to make this one bowl cos of the many ingredients involved so $4 is honestly very worth. Do support them!!

Simple brunch food done well ☺️

Second time back at Baker’s Bench and I simply love the bakes here. First time trying the sourdough croissant which did not disappoint! Was super flaky, like no kidding, when I sank my fork and knife in, flakes just came flying my way HAHA. The scrambled eggs were pretty good too in terms of creaminess, though I felt maybe a sprinkle of salt would have made it even tastier. The side serving of jam was good for an occasional switch in taste to something sweet and it was pretty good jam too anyway.

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This cake gets a 9.5/10 from me! 🌟 And people who know me would know I LOVEEE cake and I eat cake like 2-3x per week haha. This cake was denser side but what amazed me was the rich fragrant pistachio nutty flavour that really came through. There was also just the right amount of buttercream and a layer of raspberry jam to add a sweet-sour finish. Last but not least, the chopped pistachios on top added a nice contrasting crunch.

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Haven’t actually had burrata paired with pesto before on a pizza and I must say this combo really wowed me. I loved the ball of burrata which was fresh and tart to the right degree. And oh the pizza crust was simply amazing. Not many pizza doughs can hold up as well as this one, even with the generous amount of fresh tomato sauce. That being said, it was still crisp on the edges! I must say this one is a close contender with Zazz Pizza for the best pizza in Singapore.

FYI this photo was shot after I had disintegrated the burrata ball and spread it out onto each pizza slice. Can you spy that perfect consistency of the burrata?

Not a connoisseur in satay beehoon as I haven’t tried many and it’s honestly not that common in our hawker centres. But this one always has snaking long queues so I believe it should be not bad? Satay sauce was on the sweeter side and thick enough to hold on to the beehoon

Many satay stalls in Bukit Timah Food Centre but this stall is right at the back near the other zichar stalls. It is also the only one with snaking long queues so it’s hard to miss! Very generous with the satay sauce laced with a bit of minced garlic. Got a 👍🏼 from the fam too

Had the blissful set which is basically a bit of everything - roast duck, roast chicken drum, pork ribs, braised mushrooms, braised egg and vegetables. This was a very hearty hor fun because firstly, I am a liao > carbs person (and mind you, every single ingredient here was done so well) and secondly, the herbal sauce this was drenched in was just like nothing I’ve tasted before! The showstopper for me was the braised mushroom - not sure what sorcery they did to it but it was just so full of herbal flavour and so tender and chewy. Totally would revisit!

First time trying this drink and it really tastes as good as it looks! 👍🏼 The black sesame pearls were THE BOMB. Could really taste the black sesame and there was also a slight grainy texture along with each bouncy bite of the pearls. 25% sugar was just right for me as well but I do like a more intense matcha flavour in general

Carrotsticks and cravings means business when they say superfood salad. Just look at all that colour! Don’t you already feel happy looking at it HEHE. My favourite parts of this salad would be the pomegranate, crunchy chopped almonds, the smooth hummus smeared onto the sides and generous half avo 🥑

Also ordered an organic red velvet latte ($8). Was honestly expecting something dark red in colour but I guess maybe cos it’s naturally coloured with beetroot hence it looks pink instead. The drink was just alright, the taste was predominantly milky which overpowered the chai/beetroot.

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Enjoyed this with a chope 30% voucher (otherwise original price would be $18 + $8 for top up for onsen eggs and smoked salmon, kinda pricey yea)

This dish is exactly the totally white girl must-have brunch. Sourdough that is crunchy at the edges and soft in the middle, topped with LOADS of avo chunks and a touch of hummus. Onsen eggs were sadly not runny though. But overall, this brunch in the lush greenery of Dempsey, tucked away from the crowds, was so so enjoyable 😌