The monochromatic shop was empty when I first arrived on a weekday afternoon - the staff were exceedingly warm and took the time to explain each item on the menu. Opted for their signature abseil ($8.50)! The first sip is a mouthful of smooth, silky, sweetened cream with a slight nutty flavour. Tip your head back further for a taste of the double espresso made with colombian beans, shockingly acidic but provides a beautiful contrast. I prefer drinking it as two separate layers but towards the end of the cup, they recommend to swirl in the remnant cream.

Surprising how this hole in the wall cafe is packed at all hours of the day! Tried their carrot walnut cake ($6.50) this time and it is just about my favourite rendition thus far - the cake is light and moist, topped with sweet cream and candied nuts.

Handcraft is a relatively new addition to the scene, from the same people behind Grace Espresso! The black ($5) is made with Ethiopian beans, featuring a surprisingly complex profile - initially bright, sharp and citrusy before mellowing to a more floral candied flavour. Would love to try this as a white! They also have two more options for filter coffee.

Opted for a white ($5.50) using their Guatemalan beans. A single shot is a tad weak for me with a rather milky flavour, the hints of apple and caramel barely coming through.

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Thought this sweet potato chilli chicken bowl ($18++) may get jelat quick but it was enjoyable throughout! Loved the mix of textures and contrast of flavours from roasted sweet potatoes, mashed avocado with lime and spiced baked chickpeas. Wish there were more tomatoes - so juicy and sweet! Chicken was a little dry but surprisingly tender with a beautiful char and savoury marinate.

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The breakfast burger ($16++) is a hearty choice - brioche potato buns are stacked high with bacon, hash brown and fried egg. Really creamy with the inclusion of avocados and I loved the slight spicy kick from the tomato relish!

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The spicy crab pasta ($14.50) was creamier than expected, but the sauce was rich and faceted! Wish the crab was chunkier because the small slivers kinda got lost amid the linguine. Asked for the spice to be turned up a notch and they delivered. Pretty decent if you have promotional codes on grab but otherwise rather pricey for a regular workday meal.

Paid a premium ($4 for small, usually $3) in view of CNY surcharges - rather unpalatable price given that this plate was average at best. Broth was on the thin side and overall sorely lacking in wok hei!

A somewhat lacklustre bowl of gan lao mian ($3.50) - the sauce looks much richer than it actually tastes! Was rather bland overall. The noodles were springy but the wantons stale.

Was going to have regular fish soup until I noticed that they had pao fan ($5) available! This comes with a sizeable portion of sliced & fried fish. Soup gets a little heavy towards the end but is otherwise very enjoyable with the mix of savoury and sweet flavours you’d expect from prawn soup. Also liked the tangy chilli!

Sometimes inconsistent in the level of char and crispness but pretty dang good in terms of flavour! Portion of carrot cake ($3-5) is also very generous.

King prawn and scallop pasta ($30.90++) was a touch disappointing as the sauce was thin and rather oriental with the addition of dried shrimp. Favourite part of this dish would be the grilled prawns - juicy and firm and bursting with flavour! Kudos to the attentive staff who came over with an extra plate to discard the shells.