Hawker Food, Cheap & Good More Yums for Less Cash Of all the pretty food that don't fit in, so no eggs or lattes here, they will end up here where I share with you all the great food (probably not photogenic) for a good, cheap price. All food is good food. Yums! ;)
Cafes & Coffee, Date Night For Days with The Special One It's after work, and you're anticipating to see that pretty girl/handsome guy, and these are some places that you can check out, also on the weekend, though weirdly, I'm single. ;)
Cafes & Coffee, Western, Breakfast & Brunch I Love Brunch <3 Looking for some brunch places? Doesn't matter whether it's weekend or weekdays! Brunch is always a must! Look at my list and check out some of these places.
Desserts, Cheap & Good Sweet Affordable Treats Life is full of difficulties and having sweet treats will cheer anyone up! These are affordable places that you can try out and you can go at any time of the day :)