Super worth it!! 2 of us eat until super fullll.. should have jio 1 more friend to eat with us haha.. for 3-4pax ok!

Overall love the food!! But was expecting that I can deduct 20% for the whole bill but end up only can choose 1 dish which is either pasta or pizza & lowest value which is the bacon cream pasta ($20)! Will still come back for the food anyways :)) Pizza & Pasta all shiok

The pork knuckle pizza was good!!

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$42++ good quality food! Enjoy it & will come back again !! Recommend the durian puff and scones!

Choose matcha and yoghurt speculoos ($4.50 each)!! Both taste goooddd!! Mochi waffles $14.50! Overall good quality and taste good worth it!! Will head back again for the ice creammmm

Thanks to Burpple, I got to enjoy main 1-for-1!! The Ribeye steak cost $29 and got the pizza $25 for free!! The food is considered affordable and beer cost $6 each during dinner time!! The sides are affordable as well $6!! Overall super good food good price!! Love it and will come back again :)))

This dessert cost $16.90 which is normal price for the bingsu! But this bingsu taste good so all good 🤣 The mango sago not nice.. overall still worth it if you use burpple

Overall good quality and good service!! Order the signature bowl, best deal as compared to the rest. If you order salmon don or beef don, recommend to order ala carte instead of using Burpple

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Truffle Carbonara ($25)
The truffle smells so good when the food arrived! Cleared all the food and so fulll!! Glad that the staff there are super nice! Had a great dining experience here at assembly ground :)
Definitely worth the price with Burpple 1-for-1


B Supreme Plus ($24)
Love the curly fries and the combination of the ingredients in the burger!!
Definitely worth the price with Burpple 1-for-1

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